Writing a Thank You Letter After the Interview

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview isn't a choice. It's a must! That is, if you really want the job.

Many employers say that when if comes down to the hiring decision, there are often just a handful of candidates left in the running. At that point, employers look at the details, not only of each job seeker's qualifications, but also how each one performed during his or her job search, including... writing a thank you letter.

An employer might look at his top candidates and ask:

  • Who sent a thank you note (or thank you email)?
  • Who sent the best thank you letter?

I suspect writing a thank you note (even a short one) may play a much bigger role in getting a job offer than you thought. So let's be sure you have all the best info at your finger tips to help you clinch the job.

Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter After the Interview

A thank you letter may be short but there's a lot your can achieve with one. Here are some thank you letter tips, which I hope will answer your questions.

How Do I Write a Thank You Letter?
My guidelines for writing a thank you letter. An easy way to see what to say in your thank you note; how to start it; and how to end with an open door to the next step in the hiring process.

How Should I Follow Up After the Interview?
My answer to a job seeker who didn't write a thank you letter after the interview and now wants to know the status of her verbal job offer.

Free Sample Thank You Letters

The best way to break writer's block is to read sample letters, in this case sample thank you letters after the interview. Whether the interview went well or not, a thank you note should be written. Here are some sample thank you letters for you to check out.

13 Thank You Letter Examples
3 sample thank you letters after the interview; 3 thank you letter samples for a job offer; 2 sample thank you notes after the interview if you get rejected; 2 thank you notes after the informational interview; 3 thank you email samples sent after the job is won.

Sample Thank You Letter After the Interview: "No Thanks"
This job seeker didn't want the job she was offered, but she wanted to keep the door open for other jobs that might open up in that firm.

How to Follow Up on a Job Offer... A Thank You Note Example
This thank you note example was used to follow up on the status of a job offer.

Good Interview Follow-Up: A Thank You Email Sample
This thank you email note is a follow-up on a job offer from the company where the job seeker really, really wants to work.

Thank You Letter Template

Thank You Email Template for After the Interview
This is my favorite interview thank you email template (can also be used as a hardcopy interview thank you letter template). It follows the logic of a simple math formula.

Thank You Letter Blog Posts in the Job Lounge

Here's where you can find all my blog post articles about thank you letters. I post new ones from time to time so feel free to come back and browse when you have a thank you letter question.