Sample Thank You Note for Help with a Job Search

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This is a "generic" thank you message sent by a research assistant to his friends after he got a new job. Notice, it's followed by a personal note, which he customized for each indivudual to whom he sent this message.

Here's the email version of his thank you note:

Subject: Big Round of Thanks from Paris Welding

Dear Friends,
Greetings from the new Research Assistant at the Tempest Geology Institute! That’s right, I got the job!

It isn’t always fun looking for a job—but you made my last job search fun and interesting. I mean... what a great excuse to meet some really impressive people in my field. And I met them because they’re your friends and associates!

Thank you for your generous support. I really appreciate it!

Special thanks for getting me in the door with your buddy at Limestone Labs. Not only did Dave have great suggestions—he was my link to my new boss.
Thank you!

Here's an image of the hardcopy version of his thank you note:
thanks to friends for help with job search