Sample Thank You Letter for Help Getting a Job

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After landing his new job as Sales Support Supervisor, Clark sent the following group thank you note to his network of friends and business associates. After the general message, he customized a personal note to each person to whom he sent the email or letter. This informal thank-you was sent April 16th, hence the reference to having paid his taxes.

Here's the email thank you message Clark sent:

Subject: Clark Talbott got a Sales Support Supervisor Job

Good news! Not only did I get my patriotic donation to the IRS in on time (yesterday)—I also landed a new job! I’m now the proud Sales Support Supervisor at Rondel’s Round the Clock (at 4th and Brandon).

Thanks for your good thoughts and generous efforts. You really helped make my job hunt successful!

Special thanks for turning me on to Philip Halstead. He was my hot ticket to the hiring manager. I owe you, dude!

Here's an image of the hardcopy version of Clark's thank you message:

thanks to friends for help