Sample Thank You Note After a Job Rejection

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Lynette was disappointed when she learned she didn't get the job she had interviewed for. Luckily, her conversation during the interview was so relaxed that the manager even mentioned that his wife was also looking for someone to fill a similiar position at her company.

Lynette seized the opportunity to both thank her interviewer and ask about the opening his wife was trying to fill. In this way, she was hoping to turn a job rejection into a network connection.

Here's the thank-you email Lynette sent.

Subject: Thank you for considering me for HR Clerk position, Lynette Fields

Dear Mr. Johnson,
Thank you for your consideration in updating me on your selection for Human Resources Clerk. Although I was not chosen, I want to thank you for your time and generosity.

You mentioned that your wife works in Human Resources at Graveson’s. May I call you in a few days to get her contact information?

I look forward to speaking with you then. Thank you!
Lynette Fields

If Lynette had sent a hardcopy thank-you note, here's what it might have looked like:

Thank you for the rejection