Sample Thank You Letter for a Job Rejection

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As the following thank-you email says, Reggie was surprised not to be offered the teaching position he had interviewed for. Instead of letting the job rejection make him angry, he took a positive view and wrote a message that definitely keeps the door open for future teaching job opportunities.

Here's the thank-you email Reggie wrote:

Dear Mr. Princeton:
You may be surprised to hear this: “Thank you for almost hiring me!” I say that because, based on how well our three interviews went, I feel that I must have been a close runner-up for the teaching position. Am I right?

Please consider me if the position becomes available in the immediate or distant future. Teaching at St. Anthony’s still remains my first choice in
career moves.
Again, thank you!
Sincerely yours,
Reggie Timesworth

If Reggie had sent a hardcopy thank-you note, here's what it might have looked like:

thank you for the rejection