Sample Thank You Letter for a Job Offer

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Randy got job offers from two companies when he was job hunting for an Operation Manager's position. Luckily, one of them was from a tire manfacturer he really wanted to work for. To accept the new job and underscore his commitment to his new employer, he sent a thank-you email.

Here's the thank-you email Randy sent for the job offer for Operations Manager:

Subject: Thank you for Operations Manager job offer, from Randy Phelps

Dear Ms. Hedgeston,
Your call announcing my job acceptance could not have come at a better time. Thank you! Two hours later, one of your competitors (my second choice) called with the same news.

My decision to join Wear Well Tires was one of the quickest of my life—there’s no question in my mind that we’ll make a great team!

I will see you on Monday, May 3, to plunge into our company’s new plan of operation.
Thanks again!
Randy Phelps

If Randy had sent a snail-mail thank you letter, this is what it might have looked like:

Thank you for the job offer