Sample Thank You Note for a Job Offer

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With the help of some wonderful referrals from her LinkedIn network, Doreen won a job in Public Relations for a publishing company. As a new college graduate, she realizes this could be the beginning of a promising career.

Here's the thank-you email Rachel sent for the job offer:

Subject: Thank you for the Public Relations job, from Doreen Mathers

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for selecting me as your new Public Relations Representative. I feel honored to have you as my supervisor and mentor at such an early point in my career. I plan to direct every ounce of energy to demonstrating that you made the right hiring decision.

With my briefcase in hand, I will be in your office at 8:00 Monday morning.
Thank you!
Doreen Mathers

If Doreen had sent a hardcopy thank-you letter, here's what it might have looked like:

Thank you for the job offer