Sample Thank You Letter for the Informational Interview

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Sally knew she enjoyed making presentations and helping people learn new skills, so she was thinking about a career change from freelance editor to corporate trainer. She wasn't sure if she'd enjoy working in the corporate setting, so she scheduled some time with her father's friend, Frank, to discuss the pros and cons of a career in corporate training.

After the interview, Sally sent the following hardcopy thank you letter to Frank. Here's what she wrote:

Thank you for the informational interview

Here's how her thank you note would have looked if she'd sent it via email:

Subject: Thank you for your time and career advice, from Sally Sanford

Dear Frank,
This is a big “thank you” for lunch last Wednesday (although I really think you should have let me pick up the tab)!

Our time together has already proven beneficial to me. I met with your colleague, Sally Rancon, the next day and, wow, did I learn a lot about the reality of corporate life! I’ve decided that I really do want to pursue a career in corporate training.

My next move is to embark on the INH coursework you recommended. Once I have my certificate, may I contact you again? I have a feeling you’ll know what my next step should be.

By the way, have you ever thought about going into career counseling? Just kidding! I know you’re happy being a trainer.

Thanks again for lunch, and for your advice!
Mary Sanford