Chronological Resume Example: Public Librarian

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Public Librarian. Notice how this one-page resume presents more than 20 years of experience in the public library system. Because her education was so relevant to her career, Martha placed "M.L.S." (Master of Library Science) next to her name in the heading and also highlighted her academic achievements by placing...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Director of Information Technology (IT)

Here's a chronological resume sample for Director of Information Technology (IT). It is a good example of how to handle dates to avoid age discrimination, and gaps in employment in the work history. Of note is the very last item at the end of the resume: "Sheep Shearing" — a possible ice-breaker for an interview,...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Program

Here's a chronological resume sample for a career change from business management to Health Coach in a corporate wellness program. It's a good example of how a new college graduate can highlight relevant internships and employment that occurred while going to school. << More Teaching/Education Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes Two Formats...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: High School Counselor Internship

Here's a chronological resume sample for a high school counselor internship. It was written by Anne, a college student working on her Master's degree in Psychology. After Anne finished writing this resume, she wrote a cover letter to accompany her resume. See Cover Letter Sample for High School Counselor Internship. When you click on the...more »

Combination Resume Example: Project Manager for Airline

Here's a combination resume sample for Project Manager at an airline. This resume has an unusual twist: The job seeker, Anna (not her real name), is using it to return to a position she held several years ago. You'll also want to see her cover letter (Sample Cover Letter: Project Manager for Airline), which mentions...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Pharmaceutical/Medical Sales

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Pharmaceutical Medical Sales professional. In one quick glance, you can see that Kevin's resume is all about achievements, which is perfect for any type of sales professional. An employer will like the way his achievement results are quantified, making it easy to see a thread of success throughout...more »

Combination Resume Sample: College Administration, Student Services

Here's a combination resume sample for a position in college administration with a focus on student services. The combination format is ideal for this job seeker, who wanted to make a career change and had been unemployed for almost two years at the time he wrote his resume. Take a look at how he resolved...more »

Chronological Resume Example: Financial Editor

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Financial Editor who has solid experience as a contract writer for several financial publications. Notice how his resume handles his contractual work history so that it fits with the professional image he needs to present. In his cover letter (see Sample Cover Letter for a Financial Editor) he...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Alternate Strategies Analyst

Here's a chronological resume sample for an Alternate Strategies Analyst specializing in hedge fund research in an investment firm. Richard's former job title was Analyst in the energy field, so this resume is for a slight career change. << More Financial Services Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes About This Sample Resume for...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Senior Sales Account Executive

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Senior Sales Account Executive who wants to stay in her career selling high-end cars. Although this job seeker is currently unemployed and has no college degree, her resume is very strong and puts her in the running for top jobs in her field. << Matching Cover Letter for...more »

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