Chronological Resume Sample: Administrative Assistant

Here's a chronological resume sample for Sara, an Administrative Assistant who was unemployed at the time she wrote it. You'll be interested to see how she put that on her resume to her benefit. Take a look. << More Administrative Assistant Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes To get a sense of Sara's...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Academic Librarian

Here's a resume sample for an Academic Librarian, with special interest in Arts and Humanities. This is the second version of this resume. The first was a functional resume written in the 1990s (see Functional Resume Sample: Academic Librarian) when functional resumes were the rage. I created this chronological version because most employers no longer...more »

Functional Resume Example: Flight Engineer

Here's a functional resume example for a Flight Engineer. It was written in the 1990s — back when functional resumes were more widely used and accepted in the job market. If this same job seeker asked me today what format to use, I would explain that today's employers don't like functional resume formats, and suggest...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: College Teacher, Humanities

This resume for a mother re-entering the workforce shows that she is a dynamic woman who has done volunteer work concurrent with attaining a teaching credential, which she'll need for her new career. Although she is technically unemployed, she looks far from unoccupied. Chronological resume (sort of a mini CV for academic purposes). << More...more »

Resume Example: Marketing or Marketing Management

This new college graduate is currently unemployed. She listed two internships under Professional Experience because they were part of her MBA program. Now that she has her Master's degree, she's ready to re-enter the workforce to continue her career in marketing. << More Marketing Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes Sample Resume for...more »

Resume Example: Employment Specialist

This father is re-entering the workforce after 14 years of full-time parenting. He wrote about volunteer and temporary jobs that support his job objective, which is a career change from his pre-parenting days. Because he presented his current volunteer work as a job title, it is not immediately apparent that he is unemployed. He was...more »

Functional Resume Sample: Academic Librarian

Here's a functional resume sample for an Academic Librarian with special interest in the Arts and Humanities. It was written in the 1990s, when functional resume formats were more common than they are today. At the time, it made sense to use this format because it addressed the big issue of a woman going back...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Organizational Development Consultant

Here's a chronological resume sample for an Organizational Development Consultant. Pamela (not her real name) is a mother who is returning to the workforce after many years of full-time parenting. See how she handles that challenge on her resume. << More Consulting Resume Examples << More Human Resources Resume Examples << Index of All Sample...more »