Functional Resume Sample: IT Internship

Here's a resume sample for an internship in Information Technology involving programming and/or website management. I use the term "functional resume format" loosely for this resume because it doesn't strictly follow that format. It might be more accurate to call it a short CV (curriculum vitae) whose structure is closest to the functional resume format....more »

Functional Resume Example: Editing

Here's a functional resume example for an editing job. At the time this resume was written (in the 1990s) the functional resume format was more widely used and accepted than it is today. If I were working with this job seeker today, I would not advise using the functional resume. That's because most of today's...more »

Functional Resume Example: Flight Engineer

Here's a functional resume example for a Flight Engineer. It was written in the 1990s — back when functional resumes were more widely used and accepted in the job market. If this same job seeker asked me today what format to use, I would explain that today's employers don't like functional resume formats, and suggest...more »

Functional Resume Example: High School English Teacher

In this resume example for a high school teacher, Juanita (not her real name) managed two tricky issues: short-term jobs and a career change. Before we discuss how she solved these two problems, I want to talk a little about why she used a functional resume format. Juanita wrote her resume in the 1990s when...more »

Functional Resume Example: ESL Teacher

Here's a functional resume for an ESL Teacher. Notice how this resume example highlights the job seeker's strengths and also resolves a few resume problems. About This Sample Functional Resume for an ESL (English as Second Language) Teacher The Education and Credentials section was placed near the top of this resume because the job seeker's...more »

Functional Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales

This resume example for medical/pharmaceutical sales is loaded with the kind of energy needed to open doors and close sales. It was written in the mid-90s when functional resumes were welcomed by employers. However, employers no longer like the functional resume format. If I were to write this resume for today's job market, I would...more »

Functional Resume Sample: Sales Representative in Fashion

Here's a resume sample for a Manufacturer's Sales Representative in the fashion industry. It was written in the 1990s, when functional resume formats were often used for job seekers with colorful work histories. In this case, Duncan (not his real name) had a lot of job hopping, self-employment, and a gap in employment due to...more »

Functional Resume Sample: Customer Service Representative

As you can see, this resume was written in the functional resume format. In today's job market, employers prefer not to receive functional resumes. But when Lionel (not his real name) first wrote this resume back in the 1990s, it was a common format and often used by job seekers to disguise work history problems....more »

Functional Resume Sample: Project Management, Program Development, Training

Here's a sample resume for Project Management with a focus on Program Development and Training. It was first written in the 1990s, which explains why it's in the functional format. Back then, functional resumes were more common and better received by hiring managers. In today's job market, Michael (not his real name) would do better...more »

Functional Resume Example: Project Manager

Let's take a close look at this sample functional resume for Project Manager. It was written back in the 1990s when functional resume formats were more widely accepted by employers. In today's job market, employers don't like the functional resume so I would suggest this job seeker not use it. Instead, I would rewrite it...more »

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