Chronological Resume Sample: Director of Information Technology (IT)

Here's a chronological resume sample for Director of Information Technology (IT). It is a good example of how to handle dates to avoid age discrimination, and gaps in employment in the work history. Of note is the very last item at the end of the resume: "Sheep Shearing" — a possible ice-breaker for an interview,...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Program

Here's a chronological resume sample for a career change from business management to Health Coach in a corporate wellness program. It's a good example of how a new college graduate can highlight relevant internships and employment that occurred while going to school. << More Teaching/Education Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes Two Formats...more »

Chronological Resume Example: Operations Management

Here's a chronological resume sample for Operations Management. This job seeker is looking for a role in an organization where he can combine his business skills with his religious beliefs. << More Operations Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes About This Sample Resume for Operations Management Ross (not his real name) has had...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Emergency Response Crisis Counselor

Here's a chronological resume sample for an Emergency Response Crisis Counselor who is making a career change from Education to Healthcare/Social Services. Although this job seeker has been in the workforce only four years, she has written a resume that's strong and highlights the skills her prospective employer is looking for. << More Healthcare Resume...more »

Chronological / Combination Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales

Take a look at this resume sample for Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales. It was first written in the functional resume format (see Functional Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales) back in the 1990s. In those days, functional resumes were used more often. Now, employers don't like functional resumes. So I converted the functional version to...more »

Chronological Resume Sample: Associate Environmental Specialist

Here's a chronological resume sample for an Associate Environmental Specialist. This job seeker has been an intern in the hazardous waste field for several years. Now he wants to move forward in that career path, so he wrote the following chronological resume, which he submitted in response to a job posting on a website for...more »

Chronological Resume Example: Technical Instructor

Instead of writing a job objective statement at the top of his resume, this job seeker wrote his professional title, indicating that he wants to stay in the same career path. In the early part of his work history, he held two relevant jobs concurrently, so he listed them both. His impressive professional experience and...more »

Resume Sample: Assistant to the Art Director

To make a career change with this resume, the job seeker highlighted his current relevant freelance work, saying it was concurrent with his full-time employment. << More Media/Creative Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes Sample Resume for an Assistant to the Art Director This and other resume examples in this collection were created...more »

Functional Resume Sample: Marketing Communications Management

This sample resume for a Marketing Communications Manager is in the functional format. It was first written in the 1990s, when functional resumes were often used to solve resume problems such as being unemployed for long spans of time. That was the case for Arnold (not his real name). Since employers in today's job market...more »

Resume Sample: Attorney, Civil Litigation, Mediation, Teaching

There is no job objective statement on this resume, something that is commonly done on resumes for attorneys who need a mini-curriculum vitae for purposes other than a job search, such as speaking engagements and business proposals. Notice how the two positions listed on page one are concurrent. << More Law Resume Examples << More...more »

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