Combination Resume Example: Medical Coder

Here's a combination resume sample for a Certified Medical Coder who has almost completed her medical coding apprenticeship. This is a career change for Sarah, so she chose the combination resume format in order to highlight her skills and downplay her lack of experience. And, because her certification and master's degree are key qualifiers for...more »

Combination Resume Example: Project Manager for Airline

Here's a combination resume sample for Project Manager at an airline. This resume has an unusual twist: The job seeker, Anna (not her real name), is using it to return to a position she held several years ago. You'll also want to see her cover letter (Sample Cover Letter: Project Manager for Airline), which mentions...more »

Combination Resume Sample: College Administration, Student Services

Here's a combination resume sample for a position in college administration with a focus on student services. The combination format is ideal for this job seeker, who wanted to make a career change and had been unemployed for almost two years at the time he wrote his resume. Take a look at how he resolved...more »

Combination Resume Sample: Distribution / Warehouse Worker

Here's a combination resume sample for a Distribution/Warehouse worker who wants to change employers after more than 10 years with one of the big retail corporations. Ricardo (not his real name) also wrote an excellent cover letter to introduce his resume. (See Cover Letter Sample for Distribution/Warehouse Associate.) << More Inventory Management Resume Examples <<...more »

Combination Resume Example: Guidance Counselor

Here's a combination resume sample for a Guidance Counselor position. This resume format is perfect for this job seeker who is making a career change from teacher to guidance counselor. Her one-page resume highlights the skills and experience she'll need to make that career move. << More Social Services Resume Examples << Index of All...more »

Combination Resume Example: Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Here's a combination resume sample for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist who has just finished his college degree and an internship. This resume will help him get his first "real" job in his new field, which is a slight career change from his former work as a Pharmacy Assistant. << More Healthcare Resume Examples << Index...more »

Combination Resume Sample: Legal Assistant / Paralegal

Here's a resume sample for a Legal Assistant/Paralegal that shows how to market relevant skills for a career change. It also deals with a few other resume issues that many job seekers face. Let's take a look. << More Administrative Assistant Resume Examples << More Law Resume Examples << Index of All Sample Resumes About...more »

Combination Resume Sample: Marketing Communications Manager

The following resume sample for Marketing Communications Management was first written in the functional resume format (see Functional Resume Sample: Marketing Communications Manager) more than 10 years ago. Back then, employers didn't mind functional resumes. The format was fresh and offered a new way to look at job seekers. Times have changed, and employers no...more »

Combination Resume Sample: Human Resources Generalist

This resume sample for a Generalist in Human Resources is in the combination resume format. It wasn't always in that format. When it was first written in the 1990s, it was in the functional resume format. (See Functional Resume Sample: Generalist Position in Human Resources.) Back then, the functional resume was a new and exciting...more »

Combination Resume Example: 3-D Modeler / Animator

Here's a resume sample for a 3-D Modeler / Animator. This resume has been around the block. It was first written in the 1990s in the functional resume format (see Functional Resume Example: 3-D Modeler/Animator) when functional resumes were the trend for job seekers with little or no experience. When I updated it, I changed...more »

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