Christy Seawall

ChristySeawallResumeWriterSince 2003, Christy has worked with hundreds of clients to prepare them for their job searches, including developing their resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews and negotiating the offer. As a former Human Resources Manager, she understands the employer's perspective. Christy blends her passion and enthusiasm with professionalism and knowledge of the corporate world, to help you market yourself and stand out from your competition!

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Here's Christy's resume:

Kudos for Christy:

"I worked with Christy to produce two targeted resumes for different skills sets as I set out to change careers. Christy led me through a constructive process of turning my previous experience into strong and clear language to best represent my work and I was very happy with the results. Christy was a pleasure to work with and I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to create or refine their own resumes." - Gregory

"Working with Christy to have my resume professionally written provided more insight into the relevance of my past experience than I thought was achievable. In addition, our time together was well organized, enjoyable, and proved to be an invaluable resource for my interviewing preparation. She was a pleasure to work with!" - Jessica

"I highly recommend Christy Seawall-- she is absolutely a joy to work with! Christy listens, gives great feedback, seeks to really understand the situation, and pays careful attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture. She is a wordsmithing genius and a formatting guru. She answers questions thoughtfully and honestly-- always aiming to accurately present you in the best light. I usually think of writing a resume as boring, painstaking work, but with Christy it was FUN. Her engaging personality leapt through the computer screen and energized me as we went through the process of critiquing and brainstorming. I am so pleased with the work she did on my resume, and you will be too!" - Brett

"Working with Christy Seawall to re-build my resume was a great experience. Christy asked questions that really got to my true talents and guided my resume toward employment that I choose for my future. Looking at the list of accomplishments that Christy highlighted and quantified, many that I had forgotten about or had not measured before working with Christy, was very humbling. I have great expectations for my future and the resume Christy created will be a great tool to use to get me where I am headed. Thanks Christy!" - Tami

"Working with Christy on my resume was a fantastic experience. Her expertise and assistance were invaluable to me. She helped me craft a really articulate, polished resume. In working with her, I “rediscovered” aspects of my background I’d taken for granted, and was also able to bring to the forefront the skills and experience that have gotten me noticed with hiring managers. I look forward to working with her on additional aspects of my career search." - Julie

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