April Stolarz, Professional Resume Writer in Training

We have a new resume writer in training: April Stolarz! As part of her training program, April needs practical resume writing experience. To gain that experience, she is offering to write your resume at a reduced price. And, before your finished resume is delivered to you, it will be reviewed with a fine-tooth comb by Beth Brown, the senior resume writer on our team. That expert review is at no extra charge to you!

It's a win-win! You get a professional resume at a lower price and April gets good on-the-job training.

Meet April Stolarz:

April-Stolarz-professional-resume-writer April Stolarz is currently enrolled in Susan Ireland's Resume Writing Apprenticeship Program with Beth Brown as her instructor. In 2011 April graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a degree in Journalism. Simultaneously she received her degree in Creative Writing. She has worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance journalist, managing editor, and marketing director.

With her new skills in resume writing, April is excited to help people achieve their career goals. She is available to create your new resume.

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April's resume:
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Resume Writer April Stolarz Resume

Kudos for April:
I was in search of a resume writer, and was fortunate enough to find April Stolarz. April responded quickly to my email, and she went to work right away. She was very professional, asking for the existing resume and scheduling a phone interview with me. One piece I liked about this experience was her process for developing my resume. She would send examples and ask for input. Thank you, April, for all your hard work! -- Michael

I am thrilled to be coaching April in resume writing tools and techniques – she is an excellent writer, a great listener, and a quick study with a unique skill set that will prepare her well for working with people from diverse cultural, business, and organizational backgrounds. I am proud to have April on the team! -- Beth Brown, Senior Resume Writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team

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