Copy and Paste Your Plain Text Resume

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This is the safest and easiest option, especially if you'll be submitting your resume online to more than one resume site.

For the best results, transform the hardcopy version of your resume to Plain Text (instructions on next pages) before you copy and paste it into the website's resume form. Why? Two reasons:

  • Efficiency: Why go through all the adjusting of the text and spacing every time you submit your resume online? Save time by creating a Plain Text version, make all the necessary adjustments to the text and spacing, and keep that version on your hard drive. Each time you submit your resume online, open that Plain Text version, and copy and paste the contents into the job board's system.
  • Accuracy: Every time you edit your resume document, you take a chance of making an error in spelling, spacing, or deletion of text. Why risk making a negative impression on an employer? By creating one version of your resume that you've spell checked and proofread carefully, you can feel confident that you're copying and pasting a perfect resume each time you post it online. Of course, each time you post your resume, you should review it to be sure the formatting is the way you want it.

The following steps will guide you through the process of preparing your resume to copy and paste onto a resume site.

Step 1: Save Your MS Word Resume as Plain Text

Note that these instructions assume that your resume is in either MS Word 2007 or MS Word 97-2003 for Windows. If your resume is in another word processing application or on a different computer platform, consult your word processing manual.

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