How to Post Your Resume Online

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One of the fastest ways to get your resume to a recruiter or employer (other than emailing it to her) is through a resume site on the Internet. That means, you need to know how to post your resume online.

In a matter of minutes, your resume can be dropped directly into a company's electronic hands.

4 Steps: How to Post Your Resume Online

Filling in the E-Form
Why Not Build Your Resume on a Job Board?
Uploading Your Resume: Pros and Cons
Copy and Paste a Plain Text Resume
Step 1: Save Your MS Word Resume as Plain Text
Step 2: Adjust Your Plain Text Resume
2 Sample Resumes: Hardcopy and Plain Text
Step 3: Copy and Paste Resume
Step 4: Post a Cover Letter

Four Types of Resume Websites:

  • Individual company websites (such as Kaiser Permanente's recruitment page at
  • Niche websites, which specialize in targeted markets such as geographic (for example,, profession (for example,, or industry (for example,
  • Recruiting websites that are open to the public but also serve the recruiting function for companies (such as
  • Large public resume banks (such as

Knowing how these resume sites work and to how to post your resume online can greatly speed up your job search.

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