170+ Resume Examples: Problem-Solving Resumes

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Because so many job seekers have resume problems they need to address, I compiled all my problem-solving resumes and grouped them here according to the problem solved. Take you time. Find samples for all the resume problems you're facing. And use some of these ideas on your resume masterpiece.

Resume Samples With Employment Gap

12 resume samples
Unemployment in work history due to layoffs, being fired, sickness, parenting, school, personal time off, and bad luck.

Resume Samples With Short-Term Jobs

21 resume samples
Job hopping, brief work assignments, and short-term projects that lasted less than two years.

Resume Samples for Career Change

16 resume samples
Change in professions, transitions to different industry, or entering a new profession in a new industry.

Resume Samples That Avoid Age Discrimination

34 resume samples
Dates in Work History, Education, and other sections to look the right age -- not too old or too young -- for the job.

Resume Samples With Temp Jobs

3 resume samples
Listing temp work, temporary agency assignments, and short-term projects to look stable and fill work gaps.

Resume Samples With New Degree

5 resume samples
Highlight new degree, diploma, or certificate from college, university, or professional training.

Resume Samples With No Degree

8 resume samples
Lack of education, incomplete degree program, relevant training, or nothing at all for Education section.

Resume Samples With Current Unemployment

23 resume samples
Use of volunteer experience, personal activities, parenting, and family matters to address current unemployment.

Resume Samples With Job Promotions

32 resume samples
Promotions within an organization and advancement throughout a career.

Resume Samples for Staying in the Same Career Path

39 resume samples
Presenting long-term growth within a career without looking stagnant, too old, or bored.

Resume Samples With Concurrent Jobs

7 resume samples
Jobs simultaneous with other jobs or with school that make you look hardworking, not unfocussed and flakey.

Resume Samples With Job Objective Alternatives

14 resume samples
Professional title, college degree, or career profile instead of job objective statement.

Resume Samples for Re-Entering the Workforce

6 resume samples
Parents (mothers and fathers), military personnel, and students going back to the world of employment.

Resume Samples for the Self-Employed

6 resume samples
How to present current or past self-employment so it does not intimidate a potential employer.

Resume Templates That Solve Resume Problems

Now that you've seen how other job seekers have solved their resume problems, are you ready to solve yours? I have some resume templates in Word that have solutions built right into the templates. Makes it really easy to fix problems while keeping your resume professional.

Those resume templates are part of my resume builder, Ready-Made Resume. It has over 150 resume templates and comes with lots more resume examples.