Functional Resume Example: Editing

Here's a functional resume example for an editing job. At the time this resume was written (in the 1990s) the functional resume format was more widely used and accepted than it is today.

If I were working with this job seeker today, I would not advise using the functional resume. That's because most of today's employers don't like the functional resume format because they suspect job seekers use it to hide work problems. I explain more about this in the third point below.

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About This Sample Functional Resume for Editing

Here are a few things to note about this resume sample:

  • To reduce the look of job hopping, this job seeker listed only four of her many employers under a general job title (Speech Language Pathologist) in her Work History section.
  • Unpaid experience (school and personal) is listed under Analytical Skills to highlight how that experience supports her job objective.
  • The functional resume format was used because she was changing careers and had moved around the country a lot. The functional resume format gave her a more stable image. Remember, this resume was used for a job search in the 1990s, when the functional format was more common. Because employers no longer like the functional format, I have converted this resume into a chronological resume format (for an editing job) so you can see how the same resume problems can be solved in that format.

If you scroll down the page you'll see the Plain Text version of this resume, which is sometimes useful for posting online or pasting into the body of an email.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

This functional resume sample and the other resumes in this collection were written using the professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Example Functional Resume Editing

To read about how to write an effective resume, go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Here's the Plain Text version for posting online, formatted according to How to Upload and Email Your Resume.

1234 Sotheby Street, #2
Palo Alto, CA 12345

OBJECTIVE: A position in Editing


* A highly effective writer; able to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely. Advanced understanding of grammar and language usage.

* Flexible and analytical with a keen eye for details; skilled at synthesizing and editing information to achieve overall objectives.

* Background in linguistics and knowledge of six foreign languages; fluent in Italian and functional knowledge of Spanish.

* Able to acquire new technical skills easily. Computer experience includes: MS Word, FileMaker Pro, Internet applications.


Communication & Training Skills

* Edited professional and academic papers and reports for a diverse clientele throughout work and academic history.

* Trained up to 15 clients at Language Works in the use of interactive language technology programs.

* Conducted individual and group training sessions at Community Rehab Society to promote progress toward specific goals.

* Communicated daily with Language Works team members and clients to facilitate problem-solving and to maintain clear channels of communication.

* Wrote monthly reports on client and program status at USA Healthcare.

Analytical Skills

* Throughout work history, selected appropriate tools to evaluate client needs, formulated strategic plans, and implemented customized programs.

* Analyzed Latin and ancient Greek documents at UC Santa Barbara and translated according to extremely complex grammatical rules.

* Assessed existing services at Superior Health and Community Rehab Society; created new, facility-wide programs to meet the needs of specific target groups.


Speech Language Pathologist at:

LANGUAGE WORKS, Oakland, CA, 2001-pres.

USA HEALTHCARE, Baltimore, MD, 1999-01


COMMUNITY REHAB SOCIETY, Sacramento, CA, 1996-97


M.A., Speech-Language Pathology, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 1996

B.A., cum laude, Linguistics, University of California, Davis, CA, 1994

Latin & Greek studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 2002-03

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