Chronological Resume Sample: Software Engineer / Programmer

This self-employed/unemployed professional is determined to stay in the same field as he now looks for full-time employment with a company. Note how he handled the name change of a former employer (top of page two) and how he includes his military service at the end of page two.

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Sample Resume for a Job as Software Engineer / Programmer

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Sample Resume Software Engineer / ProgrammerExample Resume Software Engineer Programmer

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Here's the Plain Text version of Dana's resume.

123 Fourth Avenue
Pillsbury, ND 12345

OBJECTIVE: Software Engineer / Programmer


- Software Developer/Programmer with history of productivity and successful project outcomes.

- Specialist in the development of microprocessor-based firmware and software for hardware processes/hardware control in real-time, embedded environments.

- Adaptable and proficient in the design and programming of systems in wide variety of areas.


Applications: Material Handling, Embedded Systems, Firmware, Process Control, Warehouse Automation, Product Sortation, Real-time, Document Scanning, OCR, Image processing

Languages: C/C++, Java, JavaScript, CMS-2, Fortran, Algol, Pascal, and Assembly (Intel 80x86, Motorola 680x0, Rockwell R6500, TI 9900)

APIs/Tools: Accusoft ImageGear, Mitek QuickStrokes, NCR WiseIP, Microsoft Visual Studio, GNU Emacs

Operating Systems: Windows NT (Win32), Windows 98/95/3.1, UNIX (SunOS/Solaris, HPUX, ATT), MSDos, SPOX, Psos, VxWorks

Networking: TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, HTML, XML


Periwinkle Technologies, Plymouth, ND, 2004 to present


- Designed and developed OCR adjustment application on MS Windows NT platform utilizing C++ 6.0 and Accusoft's ImageGear tool kit. This application allows high-speed scanning operators to easily correct OCR engine's configuration parameters for NCR 7780 check transports.

- Created Java application to generate HTML listings of architectural drawings for online selection by client engineering company. Wrote corresponding utility to access ZIP files from secure web site, download files, and decompress them for printing by web-based reprographics application.

- Developed several Solaris (UNIX) C++ daemons that interface with high-speed OPEX-150 mail opening and extraction machine.

- Developed Solaris (UNIX) C++ process that formats data for and interfaces with Mobius ViewDirect archive system.


Primo Technologies, North Point, ND (formerly PI Corporation), 1985 to 2004

- Wrote primary front-end application for PrimoVision system that controlled high-speed NCR document scanners under IBM OS/2. Designed and implemented scanner operator screens, and file formats and protocols for transferring batch data to other systems for processing.

- Converted scanner platform of PrimoVision from IBM OS/2 to Microsoft NT. Continued to work on RemitVision over life of project as its capabilities and applications were expanded and enhanced.

- Developed Primosort, a software system for control of conveyor belts and item tracking using proprietary hardware. Performed customization and onsite installation of Primosort system at various client locations including airline terminals, distribution centers, and a meat-packing plant.

- Within PrimoPick system, developed original firmware to run display modules (microprocessors located throughout warehouse facilities) designed for workers' use in filling orders from the floor and communicating status back to a central computer. Designed networking protocol and developed drivers for network communications within system.

- Enhanced, refined, and customized PrimoPick system for individual client needs; then worked with engineer to ensure successful installation at client sites.

ProductInfo, Inc., Plymouth, ND, 1979 to 1985


- Programmer in Process Systems Division, working on variety of projects for clients including US Postal Service, General Motors, and the U.S. Marine Corps.

- Developed sortation, factory-floor monitoring, and military communication and air traffic control systems. Involved in all project phases-analysis, design, programming, testing, debugging, and installation.


AB Degree in Applied Mathematics, University of North Dakota, Plymouth, ND, 1978

Member & FAA Certified Flight Instructor, 1979 to present
University of North Dakota Flying Club, Plymouth, ND

Petty Officer, 1st Class, U.S. Navy Reserves, 1973 to 1995
Airborne Anti-submarine Warfare Operator; held Secret Security Clearance

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