Chronological Resume Example: Senior Software Engineer

This job seeker is currently unemployed and has short-term employment stints, disguised by listing only years (not months) in the Professional Experience section. He wants to remain in the high-tech field, where he has many years under his belt. He avoided age discrimination by listing early experience under the "Additional experience" section, which contains no dates. Also, he did not list dates under Education.

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Sample Resume for a Senior Software Engineer

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Sample Resume Senior Software EngineerSample Resume Senior Software Engineer

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Here's the Plain Text version of Mathew's resume.

123 Granger Park Avenue
Muskogee, OK 12345
[email protected]

Senior Software Engineering Position


- More than six years of senior software engineering experience, with strong analytical skills and a broad range of computer expertise.

- An excellent problem-solver, able to quickly grasp complex systems and identify opportunities for improvements and resolution of critical issues.

- An effective leader, skilled in enlisting the support of all team members in aligning with project and organizational goals.


Software Tools Developer

- Designed and implemented Java Native Interface code and developed portions of the Java Platform Debugger Architecture API to provide in-circuit debugging of embedded Java programs.

2002-2005, OKLAHOMA INFO SYSTEMS (OIS), Muskogee, OK
Enterprise Software Architect & Developer

- Initiated and led the design and implementation of several generations of the OIS Distributed Voice Mail Management System used by both OIS agents and external business customers:

-- Consulted with Project Manager, offering technical and resource planning expertise to ensure optimal design and implementation of new system.

-- Created analysis and design documents and coordinated development, security, database services, testing, deployment, network infrastructure, documentation and training.

-- Collaborated with internal and external users to determine requirements and negotiated with stakeholders to resolve conflicting system needs.

-- Worked closely with security team to establish a secure connection between the Internet and the OIS networks.

-- Redesigned the application data model to support multiple platforms, resulting in greater efficiency, versatility and interoperability.

-- The system manages 2.5 million voice mailboxes in Oklahoma and Kansas.

- Created a completely new, streamlined program for the OIS Automated Order Processing System and enhanced the existing data model to increase flexibility, efficiency and adaptability to changing order codes and regulatory requirements.

- Reduced system downtime and recurring expense to near zero.

Software Developer

- Developed an integrated interface to diverse banking and investment legacy systems to facilitate customer service.

- Utilized CORBA wrapper objects for consolidation of numerous services into one unified desktop.

2000-2001, OKLAHOMA INFO SYSTEMS, Muskogee, OK
Software Engineer

- Enhanced application security for Distributed Voice Mail Management System with minimal impact to related systems, resulting in retention of key accounts.

- Worked with internal and external support personnel to resolve installation and configuration problems.

- Resolved significant difficulties with the Enhanced Information Management and Integrated System (EIMIS), an object-oriented enterprise system, resulting in error-free deployment and ongoing use.

1997-2000, INSTATELL CORPORATION, Muskogee, OK
Integration Engineer

- Integrated components of an object-oriented ERP application distributed across heterogeneous hosts.

- Taught introductory Windows course to employees with AS/400 background and mentored junior member of integration team.

Additional experience includes:

Software Developer, Boston Semiconductor, Boston, MA

- Worked remotely to develop serial to Ethernet software and an open-source web server and servlet engine for TINI, utilized worldwide.

Software Developer, Webnet Corporation, Cambridge, MA

- Created Internet Reconfigurable Logic demo shown in trade booth at Design Automation Conference in Los Angeles, CA, 2005.

Network Administrator, Iconics, Inc., Newton, MA

- Designed, implemented and administered local area network; established and maintained the company's first-ever Internet connection.


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Muskogee Polytechnic Institute, Muskogee, OK

Computer skills

Languages: Java, C/C++, Perl, DHTML/XML, Shell Scripts

Operating Systems: UNIX (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, BSD), Windows

Networking: TCP/IP, RPC, HTTP, Security, J2EE/Servlets

Object Oriented: OOA/D, UML, CORBA, RMI, EJB

Database: Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SQL, PL/SQL, ERD

Source Code Mgmt: CVS, RCS, SCCS, ClearCase, TrueChange, SourceSafe

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