Chronological Resume Example: ESL Teacher

Here's a chronological resume sample for an ESL (English as Second Language) Teacher. This resume was first written in a functional resume for an ESL teacher in the mid 1990s when functional resumes were more widely accepted by employers. I converted it to a chronological resume format (below) and changed the dates to make it more current.

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About This Sample Chronological Resume for an ESL Teacher

A few things to note about this ESL resume sample:

  • The Education & Credential section is near the top of page one because it's something the employer will want to know right away.
  • The Experience section is divided into two groups: Teaching and Multicultural. In this way, the job seeker is able to highlight her major skills, sort of the way she did in the functional format but this time in the preferred chronological format.
  • All teaching jobs are under the Teaching heading, which allows the job seeker to present all of her teaching jobs in a concise list followed by bullet statements that apply to all of her teaching positions. This avoids the problem of repeating the same things over and over for each teaching job.
  • Unpaid relevant experience is under her Multicultural heading, which draws on lots of personal experience abroad and gives her resume a lot of personality. You feel you almost know her just from her resume. And the employer can expect a job interview with her to be easy and enjoyable.
  • This chronological resume format is more traditional than her former functional resume and will be better received by employers.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

This and other resume examples in this collection were created using a professional resume template from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Sample Resume ESL Teacher Chronological Resume Format

pg2 Chronological Resume Sample ESL Teacher

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