Functional Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales

This resume example for medical/pharmaceutical sales is loaded with the kind of energy needed to open doors and close sales. It was written in the mid-90s when functional resumes were welcomed by employers. However, employers no longer like the functional resume format. If I were to write this resume for today's job market, I would create it in the combination format. (See Chronological Resume Example: Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales.)

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About This Sample Resume for Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales

Here are a few things to note about this functional resume example:

  • M.D. is after her name in the resume Heading. This tells the employer that Sarah (not her real name) will be able to connect with her customers in the medical field.
  • Short-term jobs are left off the resume. Sarah moved quickly through several jobs when she lived in Spain. Truth is, she was trying to get a foothold in her new career as a doctor, which didn't work out. She chose two of her best short-term jobs and put them together under one date range (2000-02), and then left the other temp jobs off her resume.
  • A 7-month gap in employment occurred when she moved from Spain to the U.S. By listing years — without months — under Work History, the gap is covered up.
  • Her high-level degree and training is downplayed slightly by placing the Education & Training section at the end of the resume. She wants it on her resume but doesn't want it to over-power her sales image.

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Sample Resume Medical Pharmaceutical Sales

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Here's the Plain Text version, which is sometimes useful for posting online.

123 Francisco Street #12
Berkeley, CA 12345
[email protected]

OBJECTIVE: A position in Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales


- Energetic sales professional with a knack for matching customers with optimal products and services to meet their specific needs. Consistently received excellent feedback from customers.

- More than two years as a medical doctor in hospitals and clinics in the U.S. and Europe.

- Lived and traveled abroad, developing a keen sensitivity to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Fluent in Spanish and Italian; presently studying French.

- Computer skills include MS Word, Excel and Internet applications.


Sales & Customer Relations

At Marshall's:
- Generated the highest sales volume in department within the first two months of hire, resulting in an unprecedented salary promotion.

- Transferred to highest paid commission area in the store after only four months.

- Cultivated excellent relations with customers and significant repeat business.

- Consistently maintained professional demeanor, treating customers and co-workers with friendliness, patience and respect. Particularly known for success with "challenging" customers.

Medical Expertise

- Collaborated with research team at Evanston Hospital in the study of Pre-Arrest Scoring & Outcome of CPR Cardiac Markers in Rapid Evaluation of Acute Myocardial Infarction.

- As the only physician at Madrid Hospital clinic, provided emergency medical care to onsite and homebound patients, including stroke and cardiac cases.

- Treated immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe with medical and social needs at Plaza Del Toros Medical Center.


Retail Sales Associate, MARSHALL'S, San Jose, CA

Cardiovascular Research, EVANSTON HOSPITAL, Evanston, IL

Emergency Physician, MADRID HOSPITAL, Madrid, Spain
General Practitioner, PLAZA DEL TOROS MEDICAL CENTER, Madrid, Spain


Doctor of Medicine, Graduate with High Honors, 2000, University of Madrid, Spain
CPR and EKG Training for ER, 1999-00
Emergency Room Externship, University of Madrid Medical Center, 1998-99

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