Functional Resume Sample: Customer Service Representative

As you can see, this resume was written in the functional resume format. In today's job market, employers prefer not to receive functional resumes. But when Lionel (not his real name) first wrote this resume back in the 1990s, it was a common format and often used by job seekers to disguise work history problems.

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About This Sample Functional Resume for a Customer Service Representative

Let's take a look at this resume to see what we can learn about how it was put together.

  • Temporary and short-term jobs are tucked away in the concise Work History section at the end of the resume. This was done to take the spotlight off Lionel's job-hopping problem.
  • A career change was being made, so there are skill headings in the Relevant Experience section. These bold headings make it clear (in a glance at his resume) that Lionel has the desired skill sets for his new career in customer service.
  • Unemployed when he updated this functional resume (in 2005), Lionel wanted to downplay his current unemployment. Notice how he wrote "Court Stenographer, 1985-pres." and listed his former court jobs (which stopped in 2004) under that professional title. It's a way of saying, "I'm still a Court Stenographer even though I'm not employed at the moment."
  • No college degree was listed under Education & Certifications because Lionel didn't get one. But he has good coursework and certs listed to show that he's trained in his field.

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From the Collection of Resume Examples

Lionel's resume was created using a resume template from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Example Resume Customer Service Representative

This resume was written or critiqued by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team. If you want info on how to write your resume, check out 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Here's the Plain Text version, formatted according to How to Upload and Email Your Resume.

123 Larimie Avenue, Missoula, MT 12345

OBJECTIVE: Customer Service Representative


** Expert knowledge and abilities in written communication.

** A patient listener who fully focuses on speakers and understands a variety of accents.

** Organized and detail-oriented; knack for understanding procedures and logistics.

** Strong skills in time management, prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines.


Communication & People Skills:

** Consistently maintain a positive attitude and enjoy helping people.

** Articulate and very effective working with people of different backgrounds and temperaments.

** Accurately record, remember, and verbally communicate detailed information.

** Exceptional command of the English language with strong written and transcription skills.

** Cooperatively work with others to produce and deliver required work.

Organization & Time Management:

** A problem solver who quickly grasps complex situations and turns them into manageable tasks.

** Produce quality work even when under extreme time pressure and deadlines.

** Proven ability to understand and follow complex instructions to successful conclusions.

** Many years of experience successfully managing and organizing personal time and workload.

** Collaborate in teams to produce quality reports.

Technical Skills:

** Very accurate and rapid keyboarder.

** Experienced in editing and proofreading lengthy documents with focus on word definitions, spelling, sentence structure, syntax, and grammar.

** Work with technical vocabularies from a variety of fields.


Academy of Stenographic Arts, Missoula, MT, 1984-85

Missoula College of Court Reporting, Missoula, MT, 1981-84

Certified Shorthand Reporter, State of Montana, 1985-pres.

Registered Professional Reporter, National Court Reporters Association, 1985-pres.


** Court Stenographer, State of Montana, 1985-pres.

- Beverly Reporting Associates, 1999-04

- Louis Lane & Associates, 1997-99

- Missoula Court Reporters, 1997

- Central Mountain Reporters, 1993-97

- Lenna & Marshal, 1990-93

- Peter & Rehman, 1985-90

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