Functional Resume Sample: Project Management, Program Development, Training

Here's a sample resume for Project Management with a focus on Program Development and Training. It was first written in the 1990s, which explains why it's in the functional format.

Back then, functional resumes were more common and better received by hiring managers. In today's job market, Michael (not his real name) would do better with a chronological resume (see Chronological Resume Sample: Project Management, Program Development). That's because most of today's employers do not like the functional resume format.

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About This Functional Resume Sample for Project Management

Here's the inside scoop on this functional resume sample:

  • Unemployed at the moment. Michael's most recent job ended and he is now unemployed. By listing his work history near the end of his resume, he hopes his current job gap will not be noticed.
  • Big work gap. Michael had a two-year gap in employment while going to school. To resolve that, he filled the gap in his work history by listing the "job title": Full-time Ph.D. candidate.
  • Career change. This resume was written with the goal of winning a type of job Michael has never had before. The functional resume gave him a way to highlight the skill sets that support his new job goal.

From Our Collection of Resume Examples

This resume and the other resume examples in this collection were written using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

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This resume was written or critiqued by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team. If you need more advice about resume writing, please read 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Here's the Plain Text version. Plain Text resumes are sometimes useful for posting online. It is formatted according to How to Upload and Email Your Resume.

123 Real Street
San Francisco, CA 12345
(123) 555-1234
[email protected]

OBJECTIVE: A Project Management position focusing on Program Development and Training


- Highly organized, diligent and responsible, able to create and execute complex projects and programs to meet organizational needs.

- An enthusiastic and thorough trainer and team member, able to convey information with clarity, patience and the terminology appropriate to specific audiences.

- A quick learner, able to absorb new material with ease.


* Project Management / Program Development

- Conceived, planned and directed a summer music camp for children, reaching participation of up to 150 within three years. Designed curriculum, recruited staff, and developed all creative, advertising and promotional materials.

- Developed an extensive choir program for adults and children, including weekly rehearsal scheduling, event and performance planning, promotion and budgeting for seven distinct choirs.

- Set up and grew an alternative educational program, utilizing crafts, dramatic arts and music to spark interest and increase member participation.

- Utilized creative and methodical research techniques to explore and analyze innovative educational topics and presented findings to experts at the University of Colorado.

* Training

- Designed and delivered illuminating and enjoyable classes as part of educational program; presented new material and developed testing for student evaluation.

- Trained individual vocal students in technique, production and performance readiness. Taught choirs of 8-50 members ranging in age from 5-95.

- Selected to train all new restaurant hires, based on thoroughness and the ability to communicate effectively with diverse individuals and groups.

* Team Building & Client Relations

- As professional scorer, discussed grading criteria and interpretations for student projects in English, Science and Music in order to reach consensus with scoring team members, consistently maintaining productivity and cohesiveness.

- Provided leadership and counseling to church members to resolve concerns and maintain smooth relations between staff and membership.

- Regularly complimented on quality of service and client satisfaction at restaurant and church positions.


2003-04, Professional Scorer

2001-03, Full-time Ph.D. candidate

1999-01, Restaurant Associate

1993-99, Music Director / Educational Program Development
East End and St. Anne's churches, Mayberry, NC


Ph.D. candidate, Music Literature, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2001-03

M.M., Carlyle University, Asheville, NC, 1998

B.A., Central State College, Mulhill, NC, 1993

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