Functional Resume Example: Marketing / Sales with a Sporting Goods Retailer

Here is a functional resume for Sales/Marketing for a Sporting Goods Retailer, which was first written in the early 1990s and updated in the early 2000s. Here's why I mention these dates.

In the early 1990s, functional resumes were a good way to promote a job seeker who had lots of job hopping in his work history. Not so today. Most of today's employers don't like functional resume formats, so it would be a mistake to use one, even if the job seeker was in the same situation. The way to handle it today is with the chronological resume format (see Chronological Resume Sample: Marketing/Sales).

Rather than toss this functional resume (which is what many employers would do with it in today's job market), I'm using it here to point out a few good resume formatting techniques. After you look at it, please take a peek at the new version to see how I used the same techniques within the chronological format.

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About This Sample Functional Resume for Marketing / Sales

In the following functional resume for Brian (not his real name), you can see...

  • Short-term jobs smoothed out. Brian moved from one company to another three times within three years, which makes him look like a job hopper. But that's not exactly true. It was his whole sales team that moved from one employer to another. See how he presented his three short-term jobs under a subheading about his Sales Team? Of course his Sales Team wasn't his employer, but this resume technique is honest and makes him look more stable.
  • Personal sports. Notice how Brian's personal activities (under his Adventure/Sports section) are a key qualifier for his job objective with a sporting goods retailer.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

As with the other resume examples in this collection, this resume was created using a resume template from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Sample Resume Marketing / Sales Sporting Goods Retailer

A member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team either wrote or critiqued this resume. You can learn more about writing an effective resume by going to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Here's the Plain Text resume version:

Brian Christoff
123 Fogbound Street
Portland, ME 12345

A position in Marketing / Sales with L.L. Bean sporting goods


- Three years as member of a sales team with a substantial retail client base.

- Natural ability to promote products and build rapport through listening and communication skills.


- Achieved highest bonus level for exceptional performance on sales team with a targeted client base of retail and institutional accounts.

- Promoted within this team headed by three financial consultants who worked for two major investment firms and went on to form their own company under the Smith Barney umbrella.

- Generated sales through weekly phone calls to account base of 150 clients.

- Commended for building strong rapport with clients by understanding their needs and clearly explaining products.

- Created "syndicate calendars," marketing pieces used by the sales, trading, and research departments.

- Served as liaison between parties to coordinate schedules, payments, and allocations.


2003-present, Member of Sales Team that worked for:
Smith Barney, Portland, 2006-present
PaineWebber, Portland, 2004-2006
Alex Brown, Portland, 2003-2004

2000-2002, Waitperson, Bart and Yeti's Restaurant, Vail, CO


B.A., Psychology, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO, 1999


- Completed a two-month solo trip throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

- Actively participate in sports:
Downhill skiing
Back country skiing

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