Chronological Resume Sample: Marketing / Sales

Here's another resume sample for Marketing / Sales. This chronological resume was first written in the functional resume format many years ago. (See Functional Resume Example: Marketing / Sales with a Sporting Goods Retailer.) Here's why I changed it to a chronological resume format.

There was a time when the functional resume format was welcomed in the job market. It was a new resume approach for a job seeker who wanted to make a career change. But over the years, the functional resume lost its luster and today, most employers dislike the functional resume format. So, when I updated this resume, I converted it to the more standard chronological resume format you see below.

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There is a matching cover letter that goes with this resume. (See Follow-Up Email to Hiring Manager in Sporting Goods Sales.)

About This Sample Chronological Resume for Marketing / Sales

I want to point out a few things about this resume.

  • Job Objective statement includes the name of the company where Brian (not his real name) wants to work. This is a great way to tell an employer that you really want to work for them and have targeted your resume to their needs.
  • Qualifications section has only two brief statements in it. That's all Brian needs to show that he's a good fit for the job he seeks.
  • Not a job hopper although he worked for three companies in three years. Note how he grouped those employers together in his work history because he stayed with the same sales team that "traveled" to those three employers as a unit. This makes him look like a stable worker, not a job hopper.
  • Sales achievements are written so they support Brian's goal of working in sales for a sporting goods store. Notice his statements refer to sales in general terms, hardly ever using the names of the financial products and services he was selling.
  • No achievement statements for his waitperson job since it's not relevant to the sales job he seeks.
  • Adventure / Sports section is very important on this resume. By saying that he's active in sports and travel, he shows that he can easily relate to his new employer's customers and sell products based on personal experience.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

Like most of the other resume examples on this website, this resume was created using a professional resume template from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Chronological Resume Example Marketing Sales

A member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team wrote or critiqued this resume. Need to learn how to write an effective resume? Go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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