Functional Resume Sample: International Human Resources

This resume for International Human Resources is in the functional resume format... for good reason. The work history is a mess on paper! And back in the 1990s when this resume was first written, the functional format was a smart choice because employers were okay with that format.

But things have changed. In today's job market I would avoid using the functional resume format at all cost. Most of today's employers don't like functional resumes and count them against the job seekers who send them. So with that in mind, I converted this resume to a chronological format (see Chronological Resume: International Human Resources), to show better ways of solving the same work history problems.

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About This Sample Functional Resume for International Human Resources

Since we have the functional resume on our site, let's talk about how it achieved its purpose at the time.

  • Career change. This resume is being used for a career change. The skill headings help Jeffrey (not his real name) highlight the skills he'll need in his new field.
  • Short-term jobs. Jeffrey worked his way through college. So that he doesn't appear to be a job hopper, he listed several of his short-term jobs under a subgroup, "Mostly Concurrent with Education." This tells the reader that he's a very hard worker... not at all a flake!
  • Employment gap. To fill his employment gap, Jeffrey listed some volunteer work he did at the Salvation Army. Notice he didn't say it was unpaid. No need. He just listed the job title.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

Jeffrey's resume and all the others on this website were written with the help of my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Sample Resume International Human Resources

This resume was reviewed or written by a professional resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team. Want help writing your resume on your own? Check out 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Here's the Plain Text version that Jeffrey used for posting his resume on a website. Times have changed since this version was made. We no longer need Plain Text resumes because most websites make it easy to upload Word resumes without any fuss.

123 Potrero Street
San Francisco, CA 12345

OBJECTIVE: Position in International Human Resources


Intercultural sensitivity, having lived abroad (Europe and Asia) for over 10 years.

Ability to represent a company with professionalism and confidence.

Highly developed communication skills: written, verbal and presentational.


As official translator, facilitated communications between Americans living in Switzerland and local government and community officials.

Developed curriculum on "survival" techniques for Americans living abroad, which was incorporated into teaching program at the U.S. Embassy School.

Taught English Conversation to Chinese businessmen, spouses and children, while living in Hong Kong for six months.

Recognized by International Academy of Business for outstanding research project and written report on the European Economic Community, involving multiple markets and business issues.

Traveled throughout Europe as a citizen abroad. Fluent in German and French.


Assisted Manpower clients in career transition regarding educational steps needed to achieve professional goals.

Recruited and interviewed Asian high school students for University of San Francisco.

Trained Gap administrative and sales employees from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Ranked one of the top recruiters for the Salvation Army's "Shelter for All" event.

Organized international and national projects for senior stock broker at MBNA.

Maximized operations in University of San Francisco French department, as sole office administrator for six professors and their students.


Manpower Placement Center, San Francisco, CA, Client Services Associate, 2005-present
Omega Corporation, Hong Kong, China, Teacher of English Conversation to Chinese, 2005
Salvation Army, San Francisco, CA, Intern/Events Coordinator, 2004-05

Mostly Concurrent with Education:
The Gap, Inc., San Francisco, CA, Sales Representative, 2001-04
International Academy of Business, Berkeley, CA, Research Associate, 2000
MBNA, San Francisco, California, Assistant to Senior Stockbroker, 1999
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, French Department Resource Assistant, 1998
U.S. Embassy School, Geneva, Switzerland, Interpreter/Instructor, 1998


University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Bachelor of Arts, International Relations/Business, 2003

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