Chronological Resume Sample: Data Analyst

Here's a resume sample for a Data Analyst who is making a very slight career change. This resume shows a strong background in finance with a focus on data analytics.

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About This Sample Chronological Resume for a Data Analyst

Lena (not her real name) worked hard to keep her resume to two pages. She had a lot to say and had to make choices to keep everything on her resume relevant to her current job search. Here are a few things I like about this resume sample.

  • Professional title. Instead of a job objective statement, Lena wrote her professional title — the one she earned through her years of experience. It's also the title you wants in her next job.
  • No formal Summary section. Instead of having a Summary section with three or four bullet point statements, Lena wrote just one summary statement and placed it right under her professional title. Doing this saved space and said all she needed to say in a nutshell.
  • Education. Because her MBA and her SAS Programming Certificate are so relevant, Lena put her Education section near the top of page one.
  • Consulting work. Lean doesn't say it outright, but all of her work from 1999 on is done through temp agencies. She hints at this by using the main heading, Professional Projects.
  • Months and years are listed. Months are listed along with the years for each job assignment to make it clear that jobs did not overlap and were substantial, even though they were temp assignments.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

This and many of the other resume examples in our collection were created using resume formats from our Ready-Made Resume builder.

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After this resume was written, it was reviewed by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team. For more info on how to write a resume that works, go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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