Chronological Resume Sample: Alternate Strategies Analyst

Here's a chronological resume sample for an Alternate Strategies Analyst specializing in hedge fund research in an investment firm. Richard's former job title was Analyst in the energy field, so this resume is for a slight career change.

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About This Sample Resume for an Alternate Strategies Analyst

Richard's career change is really an industry change. He's been an analyst in the energy field for 13 years. Now he wants to transfer his analytical skills to the financial investment field. To do this, he uses a few techniques to target his resume for his new field. Here are a few things to note:

  • Professional title. Richard wrote a professional title instead of the traditional Job Objective statement at the top of his resume. The professional title he wrote is the job title he will hold if he gets hired in his new field. He feels comfortable using that title since he has been an analyst for the last 13 years of his work history.
  • Currently unemployed. Richard wrote his resume in early 2015. In his work history, he listed only years (without months) to make it easy for his employer to scan and to downplay his current gap in employment.
  • Job titles. Richard's full job title was "Energy Analyst" at each of his last two jobs. To downplay the difference between his former industry and the one he hopes to get into, he shortened his former job title to simply "Analyst."
  • Relevant achievement statements only. If Richard had been applying for another job as an Energy Analyst, he could have listed many relevant achievements. But because he is targeting the investment field, he listed only the statements that are relevant to that new field. For that reason, he has a one-page resume instead of a two-pager.
  • No dates under Education. The job posting said the ideal candidate would have 10 years of experience. That told Richard they're looking for someone who is at least 30 years old and probably not older than 45. To avoid looking too old, he did not list dates for his college degree, since that would have made him look much older than the employer's expectation.

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Resume Sample for an Alternate Strategies Analyst

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