Chronological Resume Example: Loan Officer

This is a resume sample for Loan Officer in Financial Services. It's in the chronological resume format despite it having some problems in the work history. As you can see, these problems got smoothed out. In fact, Ruth (not her real name) turned one of her "problems" (her current job) into an asset. Let's take a look.

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About This Sample Chronological Resume for Loan Officer

Here are things I'd like you to notice about this excellent career change resume.

  • Job Objective statement is needed on this resume because Ruth is making a career change. Without that statement, the employer's first guess would be that she wants to be a math teacher again. Her objective statement sets the record straight and tells her reader how to interpret the rest of her resume content.
  • Recent job statements are highly relevant to her objective. Notice how she draws the connection between her teaching and being a loan officer. Phrases like "soon-to-be adults," "compound interest," "future value," and others help the reader see the common ground between teaching math and helping clients in financial services.
  • One page. To keep Ruth's third and most relevant job high on the reader's radar, we kept this resume to one page. This brief resume also shows that Ruth knows how to present info in a concise and relevant manner.
  • "1 of 1" at the bottom of the page is there to tell the reader that this resume is only one page. It's another way of saying, "You've reached the end."

From the Collection of Resume Examples

To create this resume, Ruth used a resume template from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. Then she sent it to a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team for review.

Chronological Resume Sample Loan Officer

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