Combination Resume Sample: Senior Position in Financial Services

Here's a resume sample for a Senior Position in the Financial Services industry, with a focus on Operational Management, Team Leadership, and Process Improvements. It is for a seasoned career professional who has climbed the ladder of success in her field.

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About This Sample Combination Resume for a Senior Position in Financial Services

Nuelani (not her real name) needed a two-page resume to showcase her lengthy career and achievements. Here are some features I'd like to point out.

  • Overview statements. Nuelani wanted her reader to understand the prestige of her current and former employers. So, she wrote brief overview statements under each employer's heading.
  • Dates. We can guess from the dates in Nuelani's Professional Experience section that she is at least 44 years old (if she was 20 years old when she started the earliest job on her resume). But we don't know if she is older than 44 because there are no dates in her Professional Development section. Nuelani omitted those dates on purpose because she didn't want to face age discrimination in her job search.
  • Skill headings. To break up her seven long achievement statements, Nuelani put them in two groups with skill headings that support her job objective. This made her resume easy to scan and inviting to read.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

This and other resume examples in this collection were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume program.

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Nuelani's resume was written by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team, following my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Here's the Plain Text version of Nuelani's resume.

1234 Harper Street
San Mateo, CA 12345

A senior position in the Financial Services industry
with a focus on Operational Management, Team Leadership, and Process Improvements


** More than 20 years of management experience in diverse financial services institutions, with a proven record of productivity, quality, and integrity.

** Analytical and detail-oriented, able to identify and implement process improvements that increase accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

** An energetic team leader, able to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, to work collaboratively to resolve problems, and to motivate team members to achieve personal and organizational objectives.

** An informative and persuasive public speaker and presenter, able to enlist support and buy-in from clients and prospects.


2000-pres., FINANCESINC./ABC FINANCE, South San Francisco, CA
FinancesInc. is the leading financial services provider for community banks throughout the U.S. and Canada. FinancesInc. acquired ABC Finance's Financial Services Operations in 2004.

Data Center Manager

Operational Management/Team Leadership
** Managed operations of the 35-member Data Center, with direct supervision of 12 team members. Maintained full responsibility for P&L, equipment and supplies, vendor relations, invoicing, and collections.

** Met multiple daily deadlines for processing millions of checks and ensuring proper routing, clearance, imaging, and statement rendering.

** Facilitated weekly staff meetings to share information, respond to issues and avoid escalation, and develop incentive programs to improve performance.

** Directed month-end production meetings, generated forecasts, and set performance milestones to ensure accuracy and timeliness of month-end deliverables.

** Coached individual team members in presentation and communication skills, supporting each member's growth and career development.

Process Improvement/Quality Assurance
** Worked closely with Data Center Managers nationwide to discuss and implement process improvements (Six Sigma Process) for customer invoicing, resulting in streamlined operations and increased revenues.

** Conducted and oversaw daily quality-control efforts to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout all Data Center operations.

Hawaii's largest financial institution, with $13 billion in assets and branches in Asia, the Pacific Rim, and the U.S. mainland.

Check Processing Operations Department Manager
** Supervised the 64 employees of the Check Processing Center, which operated on a 24-hour, 6 days/week basis, with oversight of four operations: sorter, print room, transit, and batch/reconciling.

** Processed checks drawn on the bank and its branches on Hawaii and numerous island nations throughout the Pacific, including Saipan, Yap, and Majuro.

** Achieved #1 ranking for Transit Operations among U.S. banks participating in the Operations and Technology Council's 2000 Cost-Efficiency Benchmark Database.

The chief financial institution providing products and services for 115 credit unions on Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa.

Business & Product Development Manager
** Produced and edited Pacific Rim Perspective, an award-winning monthly newsletter for all members.

** Taught workshops in check processing and fraud prevention for credit union personnel on all Hawaiian islands.

** Coordinated seminars on investment services, invited subject matter experts and senior executives to speak, and orchestrated all logistics to ensure success.

** Guest speaker on "Financial Institution Trends in the 90's" at the 1997 Annual Meeting for Corporate Members and Board of Directors.

1976-95, BANK OF THE U.S., San Francisco, CA
One of the largest banks in the U.S.

Customer Service Manager, 1991-96
Systems Group Manager, 1975-91

** Directed a 10-member team in supporting the internal staffs at 280 branches with all computer-related questions and issues.

** Analyzed problems in customer service, developed solutions, and trained tellers in professionalism and how to sell additional bank products and services.


UC Berkeley Extension courses include: Train the Trainer, Assertiveness for the Female Executive, Guerrilla Selling & Marketing, and Customer Service.

Extensive training through Wells Fargo and Daniel Management Center in Leadership, Budget Planning, Time Management, and Personnel Issues.

Graduate, Wells Fargo Training in Production Management, Industrial Engineering and Customer Service.

B.S., Business Management & Finance, San Francisco State University

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