Chronological Resume Sample: Legal Administrative Assistant

Here's a chronological resume sample for a Legal Administrative Assistant. It uses some simple yet effective formatting to break up dense text and highlight this job seeker's assets.

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About This Sample Resume for a Legal Administrative Assistant

Kim (not her real name) is an experienced Legal Administrative Assistant in some very specific areas of law. Take a look at how she put together her resume.

  • Professional title. Kim didn't write a job objective statement. Instead, she stated her professional title near the top of her resume, followed by a brief summary statement.
  • Months included. My standard advice is not to list months in the work history on a resume. Usually listing just years is enough. But in Kim's case, it makes sense to list months because she's sending her resume to law firms where detailed info is expected.
  • Indented lists. To highlight her areas of expertise, Kim put items in lists and indented them under her bullet point statements. This avoided having long statements and it made it easy for her reader to quickly spot what her experience entails.
  • No Education section. Kim didn't go to college or get special training so she didn't include an Education section.
  • Strong Skills section. Kim has a long list of skills that are relevant to her career. To save space and keep her resume to two pages, she formatted her list in two columns.

From Our Collection of Resume Examples

Kim's resume and most of the other resume examples in this collection were built using the professional resume templates in my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

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Kim wrote her resume and then sent it to a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team for a review. If you would like help writing your resume, start by reading my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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