Combination Resume Sample: Legal Assistant / Paralegal

Here's a resume sample for a Legal Assistant/Paralegal that shows how to market relevant skills for a career change. It also deals with a few other resume issues that many job seekers face. Let's take a look.

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About This Sample Combination Resume for a Legal Assistant / Paralegal

This one-page resume has a lot going for it. Despite the fact that Helen (not her real name) has a few job search issues, she has written a resume that shines. Here's how.

  • Career change. Helen is making a career change to something she was trained in years ago. Every section of her resume tries to build the bridge between her past work experience and her new career goal.
  • Job Objective. Instead of having a job objective statement at the top of her resume, Helen states her new professional title. This not only says what job she wants, it says that she is qualified in that field, even though she's making a career change.
  • No Education section. Because Helen didn't go to college, she listed only the relevant certifications she earned. For that reason, she labeled the section "Certifications" instead of "Education." She also placed this section high on the resume because she knew it was one of her strong points.
  • No dates under Certifications. Helen got her certifications quite awhile ago. She didn't list the dates because she didn't want to give such a big hint about her age.
  • Current unemployment. Helen has not been employed for two years because she was taking care of her ill parent. She listed that as her most recent "job title," followed by two bullet point statements that support her career objective. Notice how she added "terminally ill" to inform the employer that she is no longer needed as a caregiver so that won't be calling her away from her next job.
  • Skill headings. By grouping her achievement statements under relevant skill headings, Helen made it clear that her job as Personal Banker will add to her qualifications as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

This resume and most of the other resume examples on this website were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Combination Resume Sample Legal Assistant Paralegal

This resume was written by Helen, then reviewed by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team. If you would like free help writing a resume, please read my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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