Chronological Resume Sample: Secretary / Office Assistant

Here's a resume sample for Secretary/Office Assistant in a university medical center. It has written for a specific job posting that Kim (not her real name) wants to apply for. Targeting a resume for a specific job objective takes a little more work than creating a general resume, but it can really pay off!

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About This Sample Chronological Resume for Secretary / Office Assistant

Here are things you don't want to miss about this resume example. Notice how Kim turns her resume problems into resume pluses.

  • Career change. Kim is making a career change with this chronological resume format. She wants to get out of teaching and into administrative/office work.
  • Target job objective. This resume is for a job that was listed online. It uses the word "Secretary," which is not common in today's workplace. But that's the job title that was in the job post, so Kim used it on her resume to target that specific job.
  • "Relevant" in heading. Although Kim did much more as a Teacher, she listed only the aspects of her work that are relevant to the office job she's applying for. Adding "Relevant" to her Professional Experience heading makes that point clear.
  • Short-term jobs. To downplay her short-term jobs, Kim put dates at the end of the second line of each job (instead of at the beginning of the first line), where they would be less noticed.
  • Previous experience. Kim's job at Voyager Eye Care is listed under "Previous experience" because it happened so long ago and she didn't want to list all the jobs between that job and her first teaching job. Notice how she put "(concurrent with high school)" to avoid making her look older than she really is.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

Most of the resume examples on this site (including this one) were built using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

Chronological Resume Sample Secretary Office Assistant

After Kim wrote this resume, she had it reviewed by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team. Another way to get resume help is to read my post, 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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