Step 5: The Sales Pitch of Your Cover Letter

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What is your cover letter selling? You! You're the product, and the middle paragraphs of your cover letter should contain your sales pitch.

Your confident presentation — a declaration of your job objective (if you haven't already communicated it in your first paragraph) and your qualifications — must convince the reader that you're a good fit for the job.

To prepare yourself for writing this section of your letter, answer the following questions:

  • What skills and experience is the employer looking for in the ideal candidate for the job you want?
  • Which of your achievements demonstrates that you have the skills and experience the employer is looking for?
  • Which of your personality traits is the employer looking for in the perfect applicant for the position you seek?

Incorporate the answers to these questions into the body of your cover letter to create a winning sales pitch.

Peeking Into Others’ Letters
Following are excerpts from five different cover letters. They demonstrate how to make a sales pitch in the middle paragraphs of a cover letter.

From a a sales representative:
"My extensive network of contacts in the perfume and cosmetics industry includes more than 1000 buyers, both domestic and international. These are professionals who know my name — and who listen to my recommendations."

From a marketing manager:
"Here's my secret: I use bold, unusual marketing strategies to achieve phenomenal results in half the expected time — and at half the cost!"

From an office manager:
"You know you have the right person in the position when you can:

  • Count on your office operations running smoothly.
  • Access accurate information regarding your finances at any time.
  • Make efficient use of your computer hardware, software and other equipment.
  • Know that your office technology is configured to meet your needs.
  • Feel the team spirit in your office!"

From a hotel manager:
"My former employer commented that I demonstrate a professionalism lacking in so many (hospitality) management professionals.’ I look forward to contributing this quality to your management team in the near future."

From a public relations professional:

"Here are two ideas I'd like to discuss further with you:

  1. A Japanese Mail Order Program
  2. The Japanese mail order program I designed and launched at Floressence cost less than $1000 to start up. Our most recent mailing, the Floral Holiday Gift Book, generated a 15% response, with an average order of $404. (Our domestic response rate was 2.11%, with an average order of $149.)

  3. A Public Relations Program
  4. I increased Friday Night Club's media coverage 500% over a two-year period. (PR contributed $650,000 to their yearly sales.)"

Cover Letter Template
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