How to Write a Thank You Letter and Use a Thank You Email Template

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Throughout your job search, you'll have many opportunities to say "thank you." I call them opportunities -- not obligations -- because although sending a thank you note via email or snail mail is the polite thing to do, it's also a great opportunity to keep your job search momentum going. By acknowledging your interviewer, new boss, friends, and associates, you strengthen your network, which in turn enhances your chances of advancing your job search and your career.

Here are times when you'll want to be sure to send a short thank you letter or thank you email.

  • After an interview
  • When you get a job offer
  • When you get a job rejection
  • Each time someone in your network does anything to help with your job search
  • To all your friends and network when you land a job

Here's an easy formula for writing a short thank you note:

Past + Present = Future

Notice how this formula plays out in the following thank you note template, and in each of these thank you note examples.

Thank You Email Template

Subject: A concise and unique summary of what your email is about

Dear So-and-so,
1st paragraph: Thank the person for what they have done; for example, giving you an interview. (That's the past.)

2nd paragraph: Mention something you are currently doing or thinking as a result of what the person did for you; for example, developing a plan for one of his projects. (That's the present.)

3rd paragraph: Speak about what you will do next or what you would like the person to do as a result of the 2nd paragraph; for example, invite you to a second interview. (That's the future.)

Again, thank you!
Your name

Although this thank you note template was created for an email format, it can easily serve as a guide for how to write a hardcopy thank you note, typed or handwritten.

See Thank You Letter Examples.

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