Should You Send a Thank You Letter After a Job Rejection?

Ouch! You didn’t get the job! After the interview and good follow-up on your part, things just didn't pan out the way you'd hoped. Darn! Getting rejected for a job you really want is tough. And even though you knew all along that your job hunt was bound to have setbacks, it’s hard to face...more »

2nd Follow-Up Thank You Note After the Job Interview

We all know it's good to send a follow-up thank you note after the job interview. But what if you don't hear back from the employer? How much follow-up is too much? Here's what I told one job seeker who had already sent a thank you note after his job interview and was still waiting...more »

Sample Thank You Letter After the Interview: "No Thanks"

Looking for a sample thank you letter for after the interview? Something that says, "Thanks but no thanks"? So is Joyce. She needs a thank you letter that declines the job offer but keeps the door open for other jobs she might want. Here's the thank you letter question Joyce sent me. I Need Help...more »

Good Job Offer Follow-Up: A Thank You Note or Email

Here's a question about sending a thank you note or email as a follow-up to a job offer. What would you do if you were in this person's shoes? How Should I Follow Up on a Job Offer? Susan, At the first of this month, I accepted a "contingent" job offer from a prospective employer....more »

How Should I Follow Up on a Job Application?

One of the most frequently asked job search questions on the Internet is: How should I follow up on a job application? Lindsay (not her real name) asked me a similar question that had a twist: Shortly after her job interview the employer called one of her references, which led Lindsay to believe that she...more »

Good Interview Follow-Up: A Thank You Email Sample

Here's a slightly unusual post-interview situation: Shortly after a job interview, Sandy, got a phone call from the interviewer with the promise of an offer for a different job than the one she interviewed for. Now Sandy wants to know what to say in her follow-up thank you email. Here's how Sandy described the details:...more »

Thank You Email Template for After the Interview

Wouldn't it be great to have a thank-you email template for after the interview? I don't mean a boilerplate that makes all your thank-you emails sound alike; but a template that guides you through the process of writing a different thank-you note each time. My "Past-Present-Future" Thank-You Formula I have a Past-Present-Future formula for what...more »