Fired for a LinkedIn Profile Comment

"I got fired because of a stupid thing I put in my LinkedIn profile about me doing my telemarketing job from my bed in Canada while still in my underwear. I was fired not too long after I put that little tidbit in my profile and I have reason to believe that certain people at...more »

Should I Really Put That Long LinkedIn Address on My Resume?

Nowadays it's a good idea to put your LinkedIn address in your resume heading. So, what should you do if yours is really long with lots of numbers and letters that don't make any sense? Are you really supposed to put something that "ugly" at the top of your resume? But if you don't, you...more »

How to Write a Cover Letter to Your Network to Ask for Help

Your professional network is something you've built over time and it's extremely valuable. I'm sure you've helped some of the members of your network in the past so they'll probably be happy to help you find a job, if they can. All you need to do is ask. I suggest writing a cover letter email...more »

How to List LinkedIn Groups on a Resume

Is it okay to list your LinkedIn groups on a resume? Do employers really care if you're a member of these online groups? Here are my thoughts on which LinkedIn groups are worth putting on your resume and how to list them. What LinkedIn Groups Say About You I believe LinkedIn groups can add value...more »

The Power of LinkedIn Recommendations in a Resume Format

Short quotes from LinkedIn recommendations in a resume format can add a lot of power to your resume. For many of us, the resume is the first chance to make an impression. Typing a few LinkedIn recommendations right into your resume format is a great — and easy — way to make that first impression...more »

Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile: Are They in Sync?

We’ve all read how often employers and recruiters Google job seekers. They definitely do! And, often one of the first things Google shows employers is a link to the job seeker's LinkedIn Profile. So, expect that your LinkedIn Profile and your resume will be compared. Does Your Resume Match Up With Your LinkedIn Profile? Your...more »

How to Upload Your Word Formatted Resume to LinkedIn

There's a cool app (called for uploading your Word formatted resume to LinkedIn. It's a cinch and it's free. And the app makes it super easy for recruiters and employers to download your resume with one click. For years recruiters have been able to search LinkedIn profiles, using keywords to identify qualified job seekers....more »

6 Ways to Use Your Twitter Page as a Dynamic Resume

If you think about it, your Twitter page is like a very dynamic resume. It changes with every message you tweet. When someone clicks on your Twitter name he or she will be taken to your Twitter page. In just a few seconds your visitor will size you up according to the first several tweets...more »