Should I List My Former Employer's Address on My Resume?

From time to time a resume will come across my desk that has employers' addresses listed in the Experience section as part of a job seeker's work history. If I'm reviewing the resume, I explain to the job seeker that the only part of an employer's address that is necessary is the city and state....more »

Tattoos on Your Resume... Isn't That Kinda Personal?

Why on earth would you ever mention anything about having (or not having) tattoos on your resume? Isn't it a "rule" not to include such personal info on your professional resume? Yes, that is the rule of thumb, and I usually stand by that rule, but when I reviewed Jane's resume, I saw a benefit...more »

Should I Create a Resume on My Phone?

The answer is a big fat NO! Don't write your resume on your phone, no matter how smart your phone is! I just upgraded my iPhone from a 5S to a 6S Plus. (That's the one with the larger screen, which I love.) As I poked around on my new device, I noticed a Pages...more »

Resume for Mom Going Back to Work Full Time

Jennifer is a sales professional and a mom with two children. When her children were young, she worked part time. Now that her kids are older, she's looking for a new full-time sales job. Here's the resume question she had, followed by my answer. Should I Explain Why I Went Part-Time on My Resume? Dear...more »

How to List a Former Employer Who Is No Longer in Business

When one of your former employers goes out of business, should you list that employer on your resume and job application form? What do you put down for their contact info? Kate had that problem. Here's the question she emailed me, followed by my answer. Do I List a Former Employer Who Went Out of...more »

3 Resume Tips That Could Turn Your Job Search Around

You may be surprised by these three resume tips. In fact, this advice might be just the opposite of how you think a resume should be written. So, if your job search isn't doing well and you want to try something new, revise your resume with these points in mind. Resume Tip #1: Focus your...more »

It's Hard to Write Your Own Resume

Writing a job-winning resume for yourself isn't easy. I've met many well-educated and accomplished men and women who get stumped when it comes to promoting themselves through a resume. These job seekers might have no trouble marketing a product, a service, or even another person. Their difficulty comes when they have to sell themselves. How...more »

Tips for Updating Your Resume

I’m looking forward to the start of the new year. Things are finally looking up in the world of work. With employment opportunities on the rise, you'll want to be ready when that good job op comes your way, which may include updating your resume. Tips for Updating Your Resume Key to being ready for...more »

Does Your Resume Make You Feel Good About Yourself?

Do you feel good about yourself when you read your resume? Believe it or not, this is a key sign of your resume’s strength. If you don’t feel good about how you look on your resume, you won’t use it as effectively because your self-esteem won't be at its best. When you feel proud of...more »

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