Why You Need a Professional Resume Template

I believe in working smarter, not harder. In the case of resume writing, that means you need a professional resume template. Sure, you could open a blank page in Word and start typing from scratch. Set your own margins, indents, bullet points, fonts, borders, bold, underlines, and special features to make your resume look organized...more »

How Big Should You Set the Margins on a Resume Template?

Such a simple thing as big margins on a resume template can make your resume faster, cleaner, and smarter. Employers like big margins on a resume because... 1. It's faster to read a resume that has shorter line lengths. The bigger the margins on your resume template, the shorter the length of the lines of...more »

Warning! Don't Use a Resume Template That Has Tables

Are you a tables whiz? If not, stay away from any resume template that has tables in it. Tables can be a real headache to work in and they don't even look that good. You know what I'm talking about when I refer to tables, don't you? A table is a function in MS Word...more »

Need a Good Resume? Start With a Functional Resume Template

If your resume isn't getting call-backs, try this resume writing technique: Start with a functional resume template. Then turn your functional resume into either a chronological or combination resume format. I know that may seem like the long way around the barn — creating a resume one way then changing it into another format. But...more »

No Fancy Business! A Simple Resume Template Is Best

A resume template is one of the most valuable job search tools a job seeker can have. It doesn't have to be fancy. In fact, the best resume template is a simple one without tables or a lot of decorative fonts and formatting. From the Desk of a Professional Resume Writer I've been using resume...more »

What's the Top Resume Format?

Chronological? Functional? Combination? What do employers consider the top resume format and which one should you use? In real estate it's all about location. In resume writing it's format, format, format. Why is resume format so important to your job search? The right resume format for your situation will tell the recruiter or employer why...more »