Do I Really Need a Summary Section on My Resume?

I know, I know. The Summary section on your resume takes up valuable space on the page. Including this section on your resume might seem unimportant, irrelevant, or a waste of precious space. So when job seekers ask me, “Do I really need to include a Summary section on my resume?” I almost always answer:...more »

Why a Good Resume Summary Section Is Key to Your Job Search

If your resume Summary section is a good one, it will grab an employer's attention and entice him or her to invest more time reading the rest of your resume. Here's a test to see if you have a good Summary section: Cover up everything below the Summary section on your resume. Put yourself in...more »

Best Format for a Resume Summary Section

Using a good format for a resume Summary section is key to getting your job qualifications read by a recruiter or employer. There are two formats I recommend: bullet point statements and short paragraphs. In this post I discuss both of these options and show you examples so you can decide which Summary format is...more »

Resume Summary Heading: What Should I Call It?

We call it the "resume summary heading." It's the name of the brief section at the top of your resume that sums up your qualifications for the job you're seeking. "Summary" is the most common heading, but there are other options. Depending on your career history and current job search, you might prefer one of...more »

Summary Paragraphs on Executive (and Other) Resumes

For years, I held to my resume principle: No paragraphs in the Summary section on your resume! As an advocate of the bullet point statement, I contended that busy managers and recruiters don't read paragraphs on resumes. Instead, they scan and read what's easiest on the eye — short statements. If a resume passes the...more »

30 Resume Summary Statements About Career Qualifications

A while back I posted an article on tips for writing resume Summary statements about job qualifications. Since readers liked the samples at the end of the article, I decided to feature a second set of sample Summary statements. Here you go... << Index of all 175+ Sample Summary Statements Samples of Statements About Career...more »

27 Sample Resume Summary Statements: Values and Traits

What personal values and attributes do you have that your next employer will value? I'm talking about your soft skills, your personality, those things that people like about working with or for you. Can you put a finger on them and make a good resume Summary statement about one or more of them? This type...more »

16 Examples of Resume Summary Statements About Professional Style

What's your professional style? An employer wants someone who fits into the company culture. By saying something about your work style or management approach, you can sometimes set yourself ahead of your competition for the job. You might also like: 28 Summary Statements About Career Objectives 67 Summary Statements About Experience 46 Summary Statements About...more »

16 Examples of Resume Summary Statements About Job Qualifications

Do you have the qualifications for the job? That's what an employer wants to know. The sooner he finds that info on your resume, the better. One way to get your point across quickly is to write a statement in your Summary section about your qualifications. Here are tips for coming up with good Summary...more »

67 Sample Resume Summary Statements About Experience

Do you have relevant experience? This is one of the first questions an employer wants answered, so it's a good idea to address it in the first or second bullet statement of your resume Summary section. Here are some examples of good resume Summary statements that answer the "experience" question. You'll notice some give a...more »

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