93 Examples of What a Resume Heading Format Should Look Like

Because your resume may be your first chance to make a good impression on a recruiter or employer, and your resume heading is at the very top of your resume, you'll want to have a heading that looks professional and contains all the right info. Check out these examples of what a resume heading should...more »

Examples of What Info Goes in a Resume Heading

Your resume heading is important and should contain all the necessary info for an employer or recruiter to contact you. It's also helpful in some cases for that info to convey a little more about you, such as where you live (for example, what state or area within that state). Depending on your comfort level...more »

Should I Really Put That Long LinkedIn Address on My Resume?

Nowadays it's a good idea to put your LinkedIn address in your resume heading. So, what should you do if yours is really long with lots of numbers and letters that don't make any sense? Are you really supposed to put something that "ugly" at the top of your resume? But if you don't, you...more »

Should You Put Your Street Address in Your Resume Heading?

I just finished a resume review for a job seeker who had only her name, email address, and phone number in her resume heading. When I asked her why she hadn't listed her street address, she said she was hoping to relocate to another state and didn't want her current out-of-state address to hurt her...more »

Relocating. What Address Should Go in My Resume Heading?

Gary is relocating to another state in hopes of finding a job. He wants to send his resume in advance but doesn't know what address to put in the heading of his resume. Here's Gary's question, followed by three options for how to handle his address. Relocating. Where Do I Go From Here? Please help!...more »

Resume Heading: Should I Use the MS Word Header Function?

A job seeker asked: Does it matter if my Resume Heading is created via the MS Word "Header and Footer" function? Or is it better to type the resume heading (name, address, contact information) into the body of the Word document or resume template? Why You Shouldn't Use the MS Word Header Function to Create...more »

What Email Address Should I Use For My College Student Resume?

"What email address should I use for my college student resume and job search? Which looks more professional on a resume: a personal or college email address?" This topic came up when a college career counselor asked me: "What's a professional email address? I'm not speaking about the obvious awful ones like “screwloose.com.” One of...more »