Employment Gap on Returning Military Vet’s Resume

Many US military veterans have a period of unemployment when their service is completed and they return to civilian life, especially if they have been injured or have an illness. Kimberly asked us how to handle this problem on a military-to-civilian resume. Employment Gap on Resume Due to Injury or Illness Hello, I have a...more »

Mom Re-Entering Workforce With Volunteer Experience on Resume

Full-time mothers work really hard! Raising children is a full-time job (with lots of overtime) and then there's all the volunteer work many moms do as their children grow older. Here's an email from a mom who's re-entering the workforce and has volunteer experience she wants to put on her resume. Where do I Put...more »

What Should I Do? Cancer Caused a Job Gap on My Resume

If you have a work history gap on your resume because you had a major illness, you may be wondering how to address it on your resume. Amy (not her real name) wrote us with the following question about how to handle her stint with cancer. Should I Mention My Breast Cancer on My Resume?...more »

Mental Health Issue Creates a 6-Year Job Gap on Resume

Chris resigned from his IT job six years ago because of a mental health issue. After years of struggling with his anxiety disorder, he now feels much better and is ready to join the workforce again. He asked me if I could suggest a good strategy to discuss his health issue in his resume, cover...more »

I Quit! How to Explain THAT Employment Gap on a Resume!

John quit his last job and that left a big employment gap on his resume — right near the top of page one where it can't be missed! Should he try to explain his unemployment on his resume? If so, how? Let's let John tell his story. Then I'll tell you what I think he...more »

Can I Call a Career Break a "Sabbatical" on My Resume?

A job seeker asked me if he could write "Sabbatical" on his resume to fill in a career break. His work gap had nothing to do with an academic or professional pursuit, it was just time off between jobs. My answer -- No, don't do it! Look, there's nothing wrong with taking a career break...more »

When Is a Good Resume Like Swiss Cheese?

When is a good resume like Swiss cheese? When it stands strong even if it has a few holes. Yes, I’m saying there are times when you can openly have holes on your resume that don’t hurt you… as long as you build a strong structure around those holes. When you do this well, the...more »

Resume: I'm Available But Not Desperate for a Job

If your resume declares that you're currently unemployed and desperate for a job, you could be at a disadvantage in your job search. I suggest you change "desperate" to "not desperate" right away. Why "Not Desperate for a Job" is Better According to Don't Quit Your Job by Susan Joyce, a passive job seeker (someone...more »

I Have No Job. What Should I Put on My Resume?

So many people write to me: "I have no job right now. What should I put on my resume to explain my current unemployment?" We hear that employers prefer to hire someone who is currently employed over someone who is unemployed, so how do you hide the fact that you don't have a job right...more »