96 Resume Achievement Statements With No Measured Results

You won't find any measured results in the following results-focused achievement statements. That's right, not a single number, percentage, or dollar sign, yet every one of them clearly points to the success of the job seeker's experience. Like the job seekers behind these statements, you may have reasons not to quantify results on your resume....more »

Help! I Don't Have Any Achievements for My Resume

Don't have any professional achievements to put down on your resume? Are you sure? We think you do! It's just a matter of learning how to identify them — the ones that are relevant to your career objective. When Peter (not his real name) asked us the following question about not having resume achievements, we...more »

4 Reasons NOT to Quantify Results in Resume Achievements

I often encourage people to quantify the results of their resume achievements with numbers, dollar signs, and percentage marks. But you may have a good reason not to quantify the results of a particular achievement. No worries. You can still have a darn good statement without numerical bells and whistles. When You Should Not Quantify...more »

9 Sample Resume Summary Statements About Achievements

What's an overall career achievement that shows you'd be good at this job? It's one thing to claim that you're good at something. But you make a much stronger case when you give a clear example of how you've already succeeded in your career. And if you can quantify your success, all the better. You...more »

15 Quantified Resume Achievement Statements, Nonmonetary

The best resume achievement statements are not vague. They use numbers to quantify results or levels of responsibility. Sometimes a quantified result doesn't have a dollar sign attached to it. Instead, it hits the monetary bottom line indirectly. << Index of all 350 Examples of Resume Statements, Phrases, and Sections This type of non-monetary achievement...more »

48 Samples of Resume Achievement Statements About Money

No more boring resumes! How are we going to accomplish that? By not writing any more boring job duties on resumes. Instead, we're going to write resume achievement statements that quantify results. << Index of all Examples of Resume Statements, Phrases, and Sections Sounds good in theory, I know. But what does it look like...more »

Resume Makeover: How to Improve Resume Achievements

I just finished working on a resume makeover for Ron (not his real name). With Ron's okay, I've used part of his resume here to make a few points about how to improve resume achievements. How to Improve Resume Achievements Let's start with a few points for writing good resume achievements. Use a bullet point...more »

Making a Resume Update? Don't Forget Your Resume Verbs!

Making a resume update sounds easy enough: just add your most recent job at the top of your work history. Sadly, I've seen many resumes with just that sort of "lazy" update. Job titles are slapped onto the top without any edits to the old content. Not even the old resume verbs are changed from...more »

A "Mad Men" Resume That Works Like a Successful Ad Campaign

I bet you'd like to have a resume that works like a successful ad campaign from the TV series, Mad Men. It's not hard to do. First, know your audience (your potential employer). Then write a resume that matches the employer's definition of success. That's how the advertising pros do it! Oh, you didn't know...more »

Hate Going to Work? Big Resume Tip to Get a Better Job!

Millions of people hate going to work and find themselves getting one job after another that they don't like. Here's a resume tip to help get out of that rut and get a better job: Don't put anything on your resume that you don't want to do again. Raise Your Hand If You Hate Going...more »

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