Is My Resume's Job Objective Statement Too Long?

Good question! Before answering it, though, let’s first talk a little bit about the job objective statement, and why it is such a helpful and crucial part of your resume. Note: Job objective statements are not necessary for all resumes or all job seekers. For help figuring out if you need one on your resume,...more »

Job Objective Statement: Should I Include the Company Name?

If you know what company you want to work for, should you include that company name in your resume job objective statement? Or, would that make you look like you're kissing up to the company? << Index of Sample Job Objective Statements Assuming you are qualified for the job you seek, here's what an employer...more »

Words to Start a Career Objective Statement on a Resume

Sometimes starting a statement is the hardest part of writing it. In the case of the career objective statement — also called the job objective statement — on a resume, how will you start yours? How will you introduce your career, job title, or the line of work you are seeking in the first few...more »

Best Heading for the Job Objective Statement on a Resume

What should you call the heading for the job objective statement on a resume? There are a several options. Before we go over them, I need to ask: Are you sure you should have a job objective statement on your resume? Not all resumes need job objective statements. If you're not sure whether yours does,...more »

Resume Career Objective Statement: Does Anyone Read It?

Does anyone read your resume career objective statement? It all depends on what you write and how long your statement is. In this post, I explain how to write a career objective statement that will get read by recruiters and employers. I also going show you examples of statements that work and ones that don't....more »

Should I Use a Resume Job Objective Statement?

Is the resume job objective statement dead? Not by a long shot! Some experts will tell you never to write a job objective statement, but it's just not true, at least not for all of us. Now, I agree with the experts who say you shouldn't have a long "fluffy" job objective statement that's full...more »

10 More Sample Job Objective Statements for Admin Assistants

You may be thinking you should write a long job objective statement on your resume — one that's full of hope and promise. However, if you write something that's even close to the following, you're making a big resume mistake! Looking for a challenging position as an administrative assistant with a growth-oriented company that will...more »

28 Sample Resume Summary Statements About Career Objectives

One of my top resume Summary tips: Use the first Summary statement of your resume to strongly suggest your career objective. A "career objective" statement of this type can be used as an alternative to the standard job objective statement. Or, it can be used in addition to a job objective statement to underscore the...more »

Examples of Resume Job Objective Statements: Teaching and Training

If you're a teacher or trainer and you're wondering if you should put a job objective statement on your resume, take this little quiz. It'll help you figure out if it's a good use of your resume real estate, or if you should use one of the alternatives to the objective statement. << Index of...more »

Examples of Resume Job Objective Statements for Project Management

Out of all the resume examples for Project Management on this site, why do so few have job objective statements? Many of them have a professional title (such as "Project Manager") at the top in place of the objective statement. Or they use one of the other alternatives to the objective statement. << Index of...more »

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