Good Follow-Up Email Tips for Your Job Search

Sending email is key to the success of your job search. You'll be emailing recruiters, hiring managers, and folks in your network, most of whom are busy multi-taskers trying to keep a gazillion emails straight. Tips for Your Job Search Email Follow-Up To make the most of your email efforts, here are some guidelines to...more »

After the Job Interview Follow-Up

Marie asked this question about how to follow up after a job interview. "Is it proper etiquette to make a phone call to the person that I interviewed with to find out if I got the job or not. The time has passed that she said I would be notified either way." Good Ways to...more »

Follow-Up Email Template For Accepting LinkedIn Invitations

When someone invites you to join his LinkedIn network, don't make the same lazy mistake most people make: They click "Accept" and then forget about it! Big mistake, but really easy to fix. How to Get More Out of a LinkedIn Acceptance Here's how to turn your LinkedIn acceptance into an active contact. 1. Click...more »

How Should I Follow Up on a Job Application?

One of the most frequently asked job search questions on the Internet is: How should I follow up on a job application? Lindsay (not her real name) asked me a similar question that had a twist: Shortly after her job interview the employer called one of her references, which led Lindsay to believe that she...more »

Good Interview Follow-Up: A Thank You Email Sample

Here's a slightly unusual post-interview situation: Shortly after a job interview, Sandy, got a phone call from the interviewer with the promise of an offer for a different job than the one she interviewed for. Now Sandy wants to know what to say in her follow-up thank you email. Here's how Sandy described the details:...more »