Should I Point Out My Career Change in a Cover Letter?

Changing your career? If so, you're not alone. Many Americans change careers several times during their adult lives. But even though career change is common, it’s still an issue for some employers. For that reason, you need to consider how you're going to deal with your current career change in your cover letter. There are...more »

I'm Currently Unemployed. Should I Mention That in My Cover Letter?

You're currently unemployed. Should you talk about that in a cover letter? Or is it better to avoid the "unemployment" issue with the hope that it will not be noticed by a potential employer? Most of us have taken time off during our careers—sometimes by choice, sometimes not by choice. In either case, no matter...more »

Cover Letters for Moms (and Dads) Returning to the Job Market

Are you a mom or dad returning to the job market after having taken time off to raise your kids? Here are some tips about how your cover letter can make that transition a little smoother. Many moms and dads who find themselves re-entering the workforce after one or many years of child rearing are...more »

Cover Letter: How to Talk About Age and Dates to Avoid Discrimination

Age discrimination is illegal, but like it or not, employers usually try to figure out your age using the dates and number of years of experience you give in your cover letter and resume. If you think age discrimination is preventing you from getting a job interview, there are some honest "tricks" you can learn...more »

Writing a Cover Letter: 3 Ways to Break Writer's Block

Don't you just hate getting hit with writer's block? It's especially daunting when you're trying to write a cover letter for a job you really want and you need your letter to make a good impression. Writer's block happens to most of us, even professional writers. If you're staring at a blank screen (or piece...more »

Writing a Cover Letter Can Feel Like a Stretch

Have you ever read someone’s cover letter and thought, "This is terrific! How did she ever come up with that?" Writing an outstanding letter can be one of a job seeker's most challenging tasks. It takes some writing ability and, most important, a little imagination. You might also like: Using a Cover Letter Template Lots...more »

Cover Letter: Shhh! My Job Search Is Confidential

If you're looking for a new job and you're currently employed, you may not want your boss to know about your job search. In that case, think about using your cover letter to request that your potential employer keep your job application a secret. << Index of Sample Cover Letters How to Ask for Confidentiality...more »

Salary History and Expectations in Person, on Resume, or in Cover Letter?

The job posting says, "Provide salary history" or "State salary expectations." Does the employer really want you to put your salary history and expectations on your resume? That would be an odd place to refer to compensation: past, present, or future. The best place to talk about salary history and salary expectations (or pay history...more »

Cover Letter: How to Talk About Salary History and Expectations

Some job posts say "include salary history" or "state salary expectations" when you submit your resume and cover letter. Should you do it? Should you even mention the word "salary" in your cover letter? There's no right or wrong answer to that question. Here are my thoughts on the subject. After reading this article, do...more »

Ask Aunt Louise to Help Write Your Cover Letter

You need to write a cover letter but, you're having trouble getting started on that blank page. Here's a writing technique that I used back in my job search days. It got me out of more than a few cases of cover letter brain freeze. << Index of Sample Cover Letters << Writer's Block: Writing...more »

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