What's the Big Deal About Lying on Your Resume?

They say about 70% of all resumes contain at least one lie (an unattained degree, a false job title, or something like that). If so many people are doing it, what's the big deal? Lying on your resume could cause more damage to your career than you realize.

If you're one of those fibbing 70%, read on before you send out another resume.

The Big Deal About Lying on Your Resume

You can get terminated from a job because of a lie on your resume. Let's look at a few "what if's":

  • What if your employer wants a legal excuse to fire you? He could investigate details on your resume, find a lie, and then have legal grounds to get you ousted.
  • What if your resume is examined as part of your promotion review? A detected falsehood could make you lose your job all together.
  • What kind of job reference will you get if you're fired for lying on your resume? The next time you apply for a job and your prospective employer runs a reference check he might learn you got fired for lying. That's not the way to win a new job.

The Personal Cost of Lying

A lie on your resume can undermine your self confidence during a job interview. Picture yourself in the firing line of questions from an interviewer, knowing that you might be asked something related to your deception.

Unless you're an experienced liar, this situation will probably make you nervous. If your anxiety is noticed, it will most likely make an unfavorable impression. Now that's a big deal!

A Better Solution to Lying

There are creative ways to present your information without lying. Here are a few examples:

  • Under Education, instead of saying you got a college degree you didn't, you might state your area of study at the school you attended.

Business Management program, XVZ College

  • When you list your experience, instead of fudging on a job title, list your real title and put your functional title in parentheses.

Administrative Assistant (Project Management)

  • Instead of exaggerating the dates you worked at a company to disguise a period of unemployment, list the true dates and fill the unemployment gap with unpaid experience.

20xx-xx Full-time parent
20xx-xx Registered Nurse, DEL Hospital

It's better to leave out information than to lie on your resume. There's always a creative way to market yourself without lying on your resume.