Should You Send a Thank You Letter After a Job Rejection?

Ouch! You didn’t get the job! After the interview and good follow-up on your part, things just didn't pan out the way you'd hoped. Darn!

Getting rejected for a job you really want is tough. And even though you knew all along that your job hunt was bound to have setbacks, it’s hard to face a rejection when you put so much into your resume and your job interview(s).

But even though you may feel down and out, take a minute to understand the employer’s position. Making a hiring decision isn’t always easy. The employer may have had a really hard time choosing between you and someone else. Maybe the race was really close and you almost won.

After all the work you put into it, don’t you think it’s worth one more attempt at landing the job or at least using your connection with your interviewer to network for another job? Here’s what I have in mind: Write a thank you letter to the employer after the job rejection.

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A Sample Thank You Letter for the Job Rejection

To see what I’m talking about, check out this thank you letter, sent as an email after an interview that resulted in a job rejection.

Ms. Sandra Ing
Sales Director
Grainwood, Inc.
000 High St.
Wells, New Mexico 00000

Dear Ms. Ing,

Thank you for considering me for the Administrative Assistant position in your Sales Department. Although you didn't choose me for the job, I wanted to express my appreciation for the interview and the tour of your office.

I especially liked that you include your Administrative Assistant in your product training sessions. Even though I would not have been on the front line of sales, that product knowledge would have helped me support your sales efforts when interacting with your clients.

I am still interested in working at Grainwood, Inc. Please keep me in mind for other administrative support or project management positions that may open.

Again, thank you!

Rachel Ogden

Note how brief this letter is and how the white space makes it quick and easy to read. This thank you note is polite and respects the employer's time, while showing some drive at the same time.

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